ParentVUE/Synergy is a valuable way for teachers to communicate with the parent community. Students can be more successful if parents and caregivers are informed and in the loop. Synergy will allow a parent to use a single login to follow their student the entire time the student is enrolled in San Francisco public schools; from the beginning of kindergarten through the end of high school.

If you have not registered in ParentVue yet, you must first have a ParentVUE activation key for your child. Please contact your student's counselor, see the bottom of the page, if you do not have one.

For more information:

How to Register

Computer Registration:

  1. Go the Family and Student Portal
  2. On the right side under Activate My Account, click on "I have an activation key and need to create my account>>."
  3. Click on the "I Accept" button.
  4. Enter your name as it appears on your activation key letter and activation key. Click "Continue to Step 3."
  5. Create a username, password and enter an email that you can be reached at. Click complete.
  6. Explore the information provide in ParentVUE.

Mobile App Registration:

  1. Download the Android app or Download the iOS app
  2. Launch the application on your device
  3. Swipe left to search for the school district
  4. Allow the app access to your location (or Don't Allow in Step 5)
  5. Don't allow the app to access your location and instead enter the preferred zip code.
  6. Click on San Francisco Unified School District.
  7. Click on Have Activation Key? Create My Account text
  8. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and activation key
  9. Tap continue to Step 3.
  10. Type in a username
  11. Type in a password twice
  12. Type in an email address where you can reached
  13. Tap on Complete Account Activation
  14. You are now logged in!


Dr. Jean Bell
12th Grade Counselor

Ms. Karina Hildalgo
11th Grade Counselor

Mr. Omar Reza
10th Grade Counselor

Ms. Tiffani Chan
9th Grade Counselor

*To reach by phone call 415-469-4550 and ask to speak to the counselor of your choice.