Burton's Mission Statement

Burton's Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower a community of self-directed learners with the skills for future academic success, responsible democratic/civic participation, and meaningful contribution to local and global community by structuring an environment dedicated to the achievement of every student.

Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School promotes a nurturing, equitable school culture committed to high- level academic achievement for all students. Our student-centered learning communities engage students in rigorous, inquiry-based learning while also building personal relationships that support students in their pursuits. Burton graduates are creative and critical thinkers who use the foundations of the core curriculum and their
commitment to social justice to make positive contributions to society. Our school serves as a model for institutions everywhere; and our graduates are recruited by colleges and businesses that recognize them as leaders.


  1. Access and Equity - How are we improving outcomes for our targeted subgroups? (AA, SPED, Latino, ELs)?
  2. Academic Rigor - How does this help all students demonstrate high levels of academic growth through being individually challenged and supported? 
  3. Community Engagement - How does this increase engagement of students, parents, staff and/or community partners? 
  4. Culture and Climate - How does this contribute to a positive school culture and climate and/or does this foster individualized SEL student support?

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