Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Overview: SFUSD Wellness Centers provide safe, supportive environments in the school where students can go to discuss a variety of issues from depression, grief, self-esteem, family life and stress to dating violence, sexual identity and gang involvement. The Wellness Programs provide culturally competent services in a confidential, nonjudgmental space staffed with professionals who are dedicated to improving the health, well-being and educational outcomes of all students. Through both on-campus programming and community-based partnerships, students receive coordinated health education, assessment, counseling and other support services at no cost.

Target Participants: The Burton Wellness Program is open to all actively enrolled students. We provide a range of prevention and intervention services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse student population. We work closely with staff, students and their families to determine the right kind of supports and services that students would benefit from. All services offered through the Wellness Program are completely voluntary. We strive to ensure that every student who seeks support through Wellness is able to access appropriate services in a timely and consistent way.

Contact: Patrick, Wellness Coordinator
"We offer health education in classrooms and coordinate school-wide events about adolescent health issues. We provide informational brochures, condoms and referrals to community resources. We are also a safe and welcoming place for students to eat lunch and spend free time."

Days & Times on Campus: Monday-Friday during school

Program Offerings & Network

Groups: We provide a wide variety of support and empowerment groups as a means of health promotion, relationship-building and risk behavior prevention. 

1 on 1: Our nurses and behavioral health counselors provide individual students with counseling, case management and related support. 


On site: We partner with a wide range of community based organizations, clinics and local universities to serve students in school. These partners bring additional expertise in working with specific youth populations (such as cultural groups) or on important issues like violence prevention and girls empowerment. 

Off site: We connect students with teen clinics for reproductive health services. We help students and their families navigate private healthcare providers, HMO’s and other health insurance systems for needed primary care and behavioral health services.