Parking Lot Safety

"Stop, Drop & Go" Drop Off Procedures (9:15-9:30 am)

Allow adequate time to find parking or when using the Stop, Drop and Go Program. We need to ensure everyone's safety in the parking lot and there have been a few close calls.

Please help the attendant(s) facilitate a smooth & continuous drop-off every morning.

  1. Cars must ENTER on 41st Avenue/Ortega and EXIT on 40th Avenue/Ortega.
  2. There is no supervision for your child before 9:15 am. Please do not drop your child off at school before 9:15 am unless they are eating breakfast at 9:05 am.
  3. Please wait in the designated drop-off lane and allow your child to exit the car only at the main school entrance where an attendant will help them out of the car.
  4. DO NOT drive around the drop-off lane and drop off your child in the fire lane near the back gate.
  5. Make sure your child has their things ready to go to exit the car promptly when the attendant opens the door.
  6. For your child’s safety, children need to exit on the school side of the car.
  7. Parents should not exit the car.
  8. Once your child has exited the car and it is safe to move forward, please do so. This will help keep the line moving quickly.

Parking Lot Safety Dos and Don'ts


  • Drive slowly at all times (5 mph).
  • Pull forward into a parking spot
  • Park only in designated parking spots.
  • Park in a parking spot when picking up your child, even if you stay in your car.
  • Watch out for other cars, cyclists & pedestrians.
  • DO NOT back into a parking spot.
  • DO NOT park in the fire lane.
  • DO NOT park in front of the main school entrance and wait.
  • DO NOT drive without being aware of your surroundings.

Pedestrians & Cyclists:

  • Walk or cycle around the parking lot on the sidewalk.
  • Dismount and walk bicycles & scooters once you turn onto school sidewalks.
  • DO NOT cross or bicycle through the parking lot.

This page was last updated on August 13, 2021