Arts & Culture


At Thurgood Marshall, the Arts and Culture department involves Culinary, Game Design, Music, Spanish Language & Culture, and Visual Art, each of which has a three-year sequence available.  All students must take some courses within the Arts and Culture department to graduate, and many choose to take additional courses!

Culinary and Game Design are also the two Career & Technical Education pathways at Thurgood Marshall, meaning that the full 3-year sequence is designed to prepare students for careers in those fields.


The Culinary pathway is run by Chef Michael de Leon, and consists of three courses: Art of Food, Culinary 1, and Culinary 2.  In our brand-new teaching kitchen, students gain real-life experience in food safety and preparation.  This prepares students not only for a potential career in culinary arts, but also invaluable life skills!

Game Design

The Game Design pathway is run by Daniel Owens, and consists of three courses: Creative Computing, Game Design 1, Game Design 2.  Through the Game Design program, students learn to code and create their own websites -- skills which are highly desirable for 21st century careers!


Our music program is an endless source of entertainment and school pride.  Run by Damián Nuñez, students in our Piano and Band classes not only learn the basics of various instruments, but perform at school and city-wide events!

Spanish Language & Culture

Our Spanish Language & Culture department serves both native and non-native speakers of Spanish!  This year, Ana Lindo teaches Spanish 1, 2, and 3.  She hopes to bring back a native-speaker class in the coming year.

Visual Art

The visual art program encourages students to expand their horizons through courses in Animation, as well as Drawing and Painting.

This page was last updated on March 19, 2023