College & Career Courses

Course Descriptions

College & Career Readiness

  • A semester-long course for eleventh-grade students.
  • Builds our college-bound culture at TMAHS.
  • Students explore their interests for college and job opportunities.
  • Students get an introduction to the application process and requirements.

Senior Seminar

  • Year-long program to form a post-secondary plan
  • Guidance in applying to colleges and for financial aid/scholarships
  • In the spring, includes "Adulting 101" lessons such as basics of banking

About the Teachers

Alexis Beglinger (she/her)

Courses in 2022-2023: Senior Seminar

Ms. Beglinger went to college at the University of Michigan and graduate school at Nazareth College of Rochester in New York. She began teaching at Marshall in 2009 in the special education department, and has also taught Psychology, ELD, and English. She has taught Senior Seminar since it began at Marshall in 2018.

Alanna Lam (she/her)

Courses in 2022-2023: Health, College & Career Readiness

Ms. Lam graduated from San Francisco State University with a BS in Physiology. She started her career in the biotechnology industry and later pursued a teaching credential because she realized her passion is in guiding young people to discover their potentials in life. In her spare time, Ms. Lam enjoys growing succulents and hiking with family and friends around the Bay Area.

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