About the Teachers

Christopher Cary (he/him)

Courses in 2022-2023: Newcomer English 1&2

Mr. Cary, ELA teacher extraordinaire! He is in his 16th year of teaching in SFUSD. He loves to run, but hates the phrase "avid runner". He went to Stanford as was the Tree. This is his freshman year at Marshall.

Cestone (they/them)

Courses in 2022-2023: GE 11/12 European Literature, AP Literature, Psychology

Cestone grew up in the Bronx, New York City and in Santa Barbara, California. They went to NYU for my BA, as well as many universities around the world, pursuing their credentials and Masters degrees in Cross-Cultural Teaching and Information Resource Management. They have taught on the Peninsula for 5 different High schools, and the South Bay in Community Colleges, Adult Education building CTE classes and a modern modern approach to learning.

Patrick Hennessey (he/him)

Courses in 2022-2023: Newcomer English 1&2

Nicole Hsu (she/her)

Courses in 2022-2023: Journalism, Newcomer 11/12 ELD, 11/12 Advanced ELD

Ms. Hsu has a BA in Journalism and MEd Curriculum & Instruction, both from Arizona State University. She also has a Computer Science authorization through San Francisco State. She has been teaching at Marshall since 2005 and plans to be here until she retires. In her free time, Ms. Hsu enjoys trying out new recipes from different cuisines (next up is Ethiopia--ingera and misir wot), taking walks in the park with her daughter, reading philosophy books (her favorite author/philosopher is Albert Camus), and binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu.

Albert Lee (he/him)

Courses in 2022-2023: Newcomer European Literature

Mr. Lee was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Sunset. After completing his K-12 education in SFUSD public schools, he attended UC Santa Cruz, where he double majored in English Literature and Politics. After finishing his undergrad studies, Mr. Lee enrolled in the teacher prep program at San Jose State University. He have been teaching at Marshall since 2013. Mr. Lee says the best thing about being at Marshall is the fact that it is a small community where it is easy to get to know everyone.

Jessica Oppenheim (she/her)

Courses in 2022-2023: Newcomer ELD

Ms. Oppenheim is a passionate educator who loves working with newcomer students. She has been teaching at Thurgood Marshall for 10 years! She attended Boston University and Richmond, the American University in London. Ms. Oppenheim enjoys hiking, meditating, traveling, cooking, and cardio-kickboxing.

Alicia Reynolds (she/her)

Courses in 2022-2023: GE English 1&2, Newcomer 11/12 ELD

After graduating from California State University Northridge, Ms. Reynolds went on to teach for 20 years in Ventura County. Then, she was awarded a Fulbright Exchange Teacher position in Northern Ireland. After finishing her Fulbright secondment, Ms. Reynolds embarked on a 15 year international teaching tour. She taught Language and Literature in IB international schools located in Europe, Singapore, Egypt, and Latin America. In addition, she wrote columns for the Los Angeles Times and other publications about education. Now, Ms. Reynolds has returned to California to join the talented and dedicated staff here at Marshall.

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