Community Based Support Staff

Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.)

R.O.C.K Director of Programs - Gina Patterson

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Hi, my name is Gina Patterson.  I am the Director of Programs for Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.). I have been working for R.O.C.K. for 6 years. Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor adventures like camping and skiing, dancing, and sporting events.


Air Orona - Site Director

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Air Orona

Hi, my name is Air Orona. I am the Site Director with R.O.C.K. This is my 7th year working at VVES. For fun I love playing pinball, gardening, watching basketball and listening to live music.



Tristan Warmsley - Site Coordinator

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Tristan Wamsley

Hi, my name is Tristan Warmsley! I am the R.O.C.K Site Coordinator.I am going on my second year at R.O.C.K and my first at Visitacion Valley Elementary School.Outside of work I love spending time with my family, going to new places in the city, traveling,reading and crafting. 



R.O.C.K Line Support Staff

Marco Doherty, Wellness Assistant

Gabriel Schacter-Brodie (Gabe), Literacy Support/Program Leader

Kylee Ruvalcaba, Literacy Support, Program Leader

Laureen Phillip, Program Leader

Stephanie Tomasulo, Program Leader

Steven Orquiza, Program Leader

Destiny Thompson, Program Leader

Mateo Ruiz, Program Leader

Scarlett Guzman, Safety & Support

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