School Policies

School Policies and Procedures

School Hours

8:40 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.

Breakfast/Schoolyard Supervision

Yard and cafeteria supervision begins at 8:10 a.m. when breakfast is served.  Students and parents should NOT arrive earlier than 8:10 am. This is for everyone’s safety. Family members are welcome to accompany child in the yard or cafeteria and stay for Community Circle.

*School Entrance/Exit 

Students and parents should enter school after 8:10 a.m. using the Visitacion Ave. entrance and exit this door only. Please do not double-park on any streets around the school and do not block our neighbors’ driveways. After our Community Circle, the Visitacion Ave. door will be locked and all visitors must use the main entrance on Schwerin Street and sign in to the main office.

Hallway “Sweeps” and Visitors/Volunteers

To prevent disruptions to teaching and learning during instructional hours (8:40-2:40) and to secure the safety and security of all students, all non-school employees are required to clear the yard and hallways after our Community Circle on the yard.  If you have an appointment or are volunteering, please check in the main office and obtain a visitor badge.

Late Arrival/Early Departure

Students arriving to school late (after 8:40 a.m.) must report to the main office and obtain a tardy pass before they will be admitted to their class. Parents/Guardians must sign students out in the main office before taking them off school premises before dismissal time (2:40 p.m.).  


Please call 415-469-4796 or email if your child is going to be absent.  Absences must be excused within 72 hours. When your child returns to school, please bring a note excusing the absence. If your child has 3 unexcused absences, a truancy notice will automatically be sent home. Chronic tardiness or absenteeism will require a Student Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting.


Students can be dropped off for school between 8:10 - 8:40 and enter the yard through the Visitacion Ave. entrance. For safety reasons, students and parents are not allowed to walk through the faculty parking lot.  Students must be picked up on the yard at 2:40 unless they are enrolled in an afterschool program. If you are going to be late to pick up your child or their usual routine needs to be changed, please call the main office (415) 469-4796  to inform them.


According to the California School Immunization Law, all children must have their required immunizations (shots) before they can attend school. You can go to for more information.

Emergency Cards

An emergency card must be on file for every student.  Notify the main office of any changes in address or telephone numbers during the year.  Three different current telephone numbers are necessary so that school personnel may contact someone immediately in the case of an emergency.  

Field Trips

Field trips supplement classroom instruction.  SFUSD permission slips will be sent home for parents/guardians to sign before students can go on any field trip.  Permission slips must be turned in prior to the field trip or student will not be able to attend.

Trading Cards, Toys, Electronic Devices

Personal electronic games, devices, toys, and trading cards are not allowed at school.  No weapons or toys resembling weapons are allowed on school premises.  

Cell Phone Policy

SFUSD policy states that cell phones must be turned off and put away during school hours or they may be confiscated and held in the office. Parents who need to get a message to students should call the main office (415) 469-4796 and students may ask permission to use the office phone if needed.


Our school cafeteria serves breakfast at 8:10 a.m. and lunch daily. Students may bring a healthy lunch to school or eat a school lunch at no cost. Glass bottles and candy are not allowed at school. Every family is required to complete Multipurpose Family Income Form. Please fill out and promptly return the application. Students may also bring water in a reusable water bottle and healthy snacks, such as fruit, cheese sticks, crackers or yogurt to eat at recess.

Birthday Celebrations

At VVES, we like to honor students on their birthdays by announcing their names in the Community Circle and wishing them a “Happy Birthday!” Please know that you do not have to send treats with your child on his or her birthday. If you do feel the need to send something for your child to enjoy with classmates, please contact your child’s teacher in advance. Birthday lunch items or treats will NOT be allowed to be shared in the cafeteria in front of other classes, but can be enjoyed in the classroom (if permitted by the teacher) or on the yard after 1:30 p.m. Please adhere to the SFUSD Wellness policy, that can be found on, which discourages junk food and sugary drinks. Some acceptable birthday treats include fruit, popsicles, MINI cupcakes or non-food items such as goody bags or class pencils, erasers, etc. If you’d like to drop treats off in the morning, we can ensure that they are delivered to your child’s classroom.


All students are assigned homework/reading per SFUSD guidelines. Please support your child by taking an interest in his/her classwork and homework.  Speak with your child’s teacher if you have questions about an assignment or assessments.

Lost and Found

Print your child’s name on all items of clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks, and other personal items. Check the lost and found on the main floor near the office for any missing items. More valuable items that are found, such as jewelry and eyeglasses, will be held in the main office.