Meet the Teachers at VVES!

The many teachers and educators at VVES come from diverse backgrounds and are dedicated to serving all the students at our school.

Meet the Kindergarten Team!

Joy Richardson:

Mary Li: Hi! I am Ms. Li, and I teach kindergarten at VVES.  When I’m not working, I like to watch baseball, read, and take naps.

Monique Williams:

Meet the First Grade Teachers!

Maureen Wong: Hi, my name is Mrs. Wong. I teach 1st grade. I’ve been teaching since 1996 and this is my 7th year working at VisValley.  I love to hang out with my friends, and we help seniors do line dancing on weekends!

Linda Tran: Hi, my name is Ms. Tran and I teach 1st grade. I’ve been teaching for 3 years and at VVES for 1 year. Some of the things I enjoy doing outside of work is checking out different restaurants, visiting festivals, and attending live music concerts.

Loi Murillo: Hi there! My name is Mrs. Murillo. I’ve been a Little Vis Valley teacher for eighteen years, teaching various grades from 1st - 3rd grade. Currently, I’m a 1st grade teacher. I am a nature lover, food lover, and love exploring cities and cultures from around the globe.

Meet the Second Grade Team!

Gregory Gallup: My name is Greg Gallup and I teach 2nd grade. This is my seventeenth year teaching and this is my first year at Vis. Valley. In my free time I love to be outside hiking, playing games with my friends, or swimming and kayaking.

Betty Cheung: Hi, I am Ms. Betty! I am a 2nd grade teacher at VVES. This is my 4th year as a teacher and 4th year at Vis.

Jennifer Chieng: Hi, My name is Ms. Chieng. I teach 2nd grade at Vis Valley. I have been teaching for five years and this is my first year at Vis Valley. I enjoy hiking, trying out restaurants, and hang out with my family and friends.

Meet the Third Grade Team!

Ross Allard: Hello! I’m Mr. Ross! I’m a 3rd Grade teacher here at Lil’ Vis. I started teaching at VVES in the middle of last year, and I’m really excited to be back. I am a teacher and also a student at San Francisco State University. I LOVE learning! In my free time, I like to hang out with my wife and 2 daughters. I also love going to the beach and surfing!

Anna Chan: Hi, my name is Ms. Anna. I teach 3rd grade here at VVES. I have been teaching for 6 years, all at Visitacion Valley! I love learning alongside with my students. As a lifelong learner, I am learning how to bake, how to swim, and how to be the best teacher I can be!

Cindy Sin-Lee: Hi!  I’m Ms. Sin. I taught 2nd grade grade for 18 years at VVES. This is my second year teaching 3rd grade at Little Vis. Besides work, I enjoy short road trips with family, winding down with Korean (English Subtitles)  soap operas, and hanging with my sister’s family.

Meet the Fourth Grade Team!

Katie Lin: Hi, I am Ms. Katie Lin. This is my third year teaching at VVES. I teach 4th grade. Doing community service, listening to audio books, and traveling to new places are my favorite things to do! 

Erin Hamson: Hi, my name is Ms. Hamson! I teach 4th grade. I have been teaching for 3 years and at Visitacion Valley for 2 years. Normally you can find me outside at the beach or in the mountains, but recently I have started a garden to stay closer to home. 

Evelyn Chan: Hello there! I am Mrs. Chan and I have been a teacher here at VVES for the past 21 years in Grades 3-5. When I am not at work, you can bet I am outside somewhere...running, walking, biking, or hiking. Occasionally, I indulge in a little sitting :).

Meet the Fifth Grade Team!

Kyle Albery: Hi, my name is Kyle Albery. I teach 5th grade!! I have been teaching in a variety of settings for 12 years and am lucky enough to be celebrating my second year at Vis Valley! You can usually find me hiking or mountain biking with my 2 dogs in San Francisco parks, or on the weekends in the mountains near Lake Tahoe!

Judy Tam:

Richard Agcamaran: Hi, my name is Richard Agcamaran. I teach 5th grade. This is my 2nd year as a teacher at VVES. Outside of school you can usually find me riding my bike, eating pizza, or hanging out with my dog Montie.​​​​​​

Meet the RSP Team (Resource Specialist Program)!

Leigh Miles:   

Caroline Liu: Hi! My name is Ms. Caroline. I work with students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade in my role as a Resource Specialist Program teacher. This is my 3rd year teaching and my first year at Visitacion Valley Elementary! Outside of school, I love eating, being in the mountains or ocean, listening to music, and catching up with friends.

Adrian Bravo: Hi, my name is Adrian Bravo. I am a first year Paraeducator at Visitacion Valley Elementary School. I work with first graders. I love what I do. Outside of work, I enjoy eating, hiking, reading, and attending Mass.

Meet the Teacher Specialists!

Librarian - Jennifer O'Sullivan

Hi, my name is Ms. O’Sullivan. I teach Library to Kindergarten through 5th Grade. I have been teaching for 5 years and at Visitacion Valley for 2 years. When I’m not having fun in the Library, I can be found knitting on a pair of socks or practicing yoga.

Physical Education Specialist - Jolinko Lassiter

Hi, my name is Coach Lassiter. I teach Kindergarten – 5th Grade Physical Education.  I have been teaching for 8 years and at Visitacion Valley for five years. I enjoy anything basketball related (playing and coaching) and participating in karaoke.

Outdoor Educator - 

Music Teacher - Donald Armistead

Art Teachers - Sarah Allison, Daniel Doherty

Hi, my name is Sarah Allison. I am an itinerant visual arts teacher with the visual and performing art department. I see students at Visitacion Valley one day a week. This is my third year at Visitacion Valley and my third year with SFUSD. I also teach silent disco yoga at Baker Beach.