VVES February Fitness Challenge

Join VVES in becoming more active with our February Fitness Challenge!
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Let's get active this month! 

All of VVES is being challenged to be more active in the month of February. The most active student will get an award!

Based on the calendar (link below), students will track their daily exercise and follow a basic schedule provided.  

Each day they choose to do the exercises for that day, they go to the sticker sheet, copy a sticker and then go up to the tracking calendar and paste the sticker.  Other options are putting an X or initials on the calendar boxes or printing it out and crossing them off.

After Feb is over, students will share the tracking sheet with their teacher and they can let us know who gets what level of certificate.

28/28 days = Master Fitness Award

At least 20/28 days = Outstanding Fitness Award

At least 12/28 days = Super Fitness Award


Good luck VVES!!

Make copy of Fitness Calendar here