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  • About Visitacion Valley Middle School

    The Visitacion Valley Middle School mission is to create, through transformative relationships, an inclusive and collaborative learning community that is relevant to the lives of our students, families, and staff.  The Visitacion Valley Middle school vision is that our students will strength their passion for learning, develop the skills to become empowered community members, and gain the knowledge to be ready for high school with a clear path to college, career, and future success.

    We are committed to Love, Literacy, and Liberation. We work hard to create a positive school climate where students are recognized for their growth.

    Our teachers use Community Building and Restorative Practices. Also, our school is rich in ethnicity and culture. Teachers and students are assigned to academic families that use a variety of innovative technology, cross-curricular writing programs, and project-based and standards-based instruction throughout the year. We focus on equitable teaching practices and encourage student participation.

    To our teachers and staff, joyful learning means that each student is able to maximize his/her abilities and be successful in learning through different learning methods. Our school commits to delivering high quality educational program that addresses individual needs. To do this, we use diverse staff resources and improve student access to high quality programs during the school day and in after-school programs.

    We publish a weekly newsletter to keep parents informed, hold workshops, and offer many opportunities for parent communication and involvement. Visitacion Valley Middle School prides itself in its active role in the community by welcoming parents, families, and community partners to participate on all levels of creating a culturally responsive 21st Century Middle School.

  • After School Programs

    Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.) Monday - Thursday 3:15 p.m.; Program offered free of charge from end of school day until 6 p.m.; Saturday Field Trips and Summer Programs
  • Language Programs

    • Newcomer Program - all languages
    All languages
  • Special Education Programs

    • Resource Specialist Program Services
    • Separate class - Mild/moderate
    • Separate class - Moderate/severe
  • School Day Academic Enrichment

    • Academic counseling
    • College tours and visits
    • Computer carts
    • English literacy interventionist
    • Internships available
    • Leadership class
    • Outdoor education program
    • Project-based learning
    • Rosetta Stone (foreign language instruction)
    • Spanish literacy interventionist
    • STEAM (science; technology; engineering; arts; mathematics)
    • Technology or computer lab
    • Technology teacher
  • Arts Enrichment

    • Band
    • Cooking or home economics
    • Guitar
    • Media arts
    • Performing arts
    • Theater
    • Visual arts
    Modern Band (music) with contemporary instruments, Visuals Arts, Ethnic Studies, Computer Science, Dramatic Arts, and Spanish!
  • Athletics

    • Volleyball
    • Track and Field
    • Softball
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Flag football
    • Basketball
  • Student Support Programs

    • Speech pathologist
    • Social worker
    • Peer resources
    • On-site nurse
    • Mentoring
    • Health and wellness center
    • Family liaison
    • Counselor
    • College planning
    • After-school tutorials
  • College Counseling

    • Academic counseling
    • College tours and visits
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General education entry grade seats per application: 100.00%
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    1971 Visitacion Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94134
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Visitacion Valley Middle School

Grades 6-8

1971 Visitacion Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134

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8:15 a.m. - MWTh 3:00 p.m.; 8:15 a.m. - TuF 1:15 p.m.