Brief History

A brief history of Visitacion Valley Middle School

This is not a complete historical account of all the wonderful memories and wonderful people at our school, but this is our first attempt in a long time to put together a piece of our school's history:

Visitacion Valley Middle School exists today on San Franciscan land that once belonged to the Native American people called the Ohlone.  Before the school was built, the site was farm land that was then purchased by the city of San Francisco.  Then construction of the school took place during the late 1960s. Visitacion Valley Middle School was fully built in 1971 to meet the needs of the Visitacion Valley community.

We had a new paint job inside and out in 2004. All needed handicapped accessibility access concerns were met in 2005.  In 2007, Visitacion Valley Middle School adopted the Quiet Time program to teach staff and students Transcendental Meditation.  In 2008, our principal at the time, James Dierke, was chosen as the NASSP National Middle School Principal of the Year.  In 2009, with the partnership of the First Tee Foundation, our school was the first school to have its own golfing facilities.

Our school is a modern, well maintained school facility. From 2015-2016, the entire school went through a modernization project that transformed the entire building to create new classrooms and spaces for our various programs.  Our school won two Innovation Awards in two consecutive school years, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, and used them to create environments and routines that support their students to accelerate reading comprehension and interest, science learning, and mathematical learning.  Salesforce also has been part of the important transformations and innovations in technologies and spaces in our school.  

Starting in 2017 and by the start of the 2018-2019 school year, with the support of the New Tech Network, our school transitioned from the 50 minute period schedule to block scheduling, Project Based Learning, and Problem Based Learning (for math).  Today, block scheduling allows for more adult collaboration time, deeper student learning, and student intervention classes. 

Today, our campus is well lighted and our community garden and outside areas are well maintained.  Visitors comment on the clean appearance of our school and our students assist in maintaining a clean and happy school environment. We have internet in all classrooms and we have three computer labs on the campus.  

This page was last updated on July 9, 2020