Electives at Visitacion Valley Middle School

Select an elective class below to learn more about what the class has to offer:


In art, students work with a variety of different materials and processes including, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital art. Students are encouraged to make work about things that they care about and the world as they see it. Projects give them a foundation in artistic technique while teaching them how to create a concept or meaning in their work. 


Drama / Musical Theatre / Performing Arts introduces students to the world of performance and self-expression.  Students will explore a variety of dramatic and musical literature and have performance opportunities in acting, singing, musical theatre, movement/dance, and improvisation.

Ethnic Studies

The purpose of the Ethnic Studies course is to begin cultivating knowledge of self and the world to begin a journey as a historian and social scientist at Visitacion Valley Middle School. In this course, students will uncover stories that are often untold from their lives, San Francisco, California, the media, and education. 


The program is based on The Little Kids Rock Modern Band Curriculum. My philosophy is based on collaborative learning and constructivism.  The students are encouraged to work together and to teach each other.  When the students have ideas about their music, they bring them to the group and to me and we try many different things.  Creativity in the classroom is encouraged.  Many students have played more than one instrument in our concerts.  The instrument choices are keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and vocal.

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