Course Offerings

Classes + Pathways

Academic + Elective Wheels

All students in 6th and 7th grade take these 9-week classes. 

6th Grade 

Mechanical engineering, Computer science, Health, Art

7th Grade

App inventor, Health, Art, Ethnic Studies



Computer Science

6th grade(wheel) - My Computer Science and Scratch Coding

7th grade(wheel) - App Developer

8th grade(elective) - Advanced Computer Science

Robotics Pathway

6th grade(wheel) - Mechanical Engineering (Introduction to Robotics)

7th grade(elective) - Automation and Robotics

8th grade(elective) - Competitive Robotics 


Health Class

Students in grades 6 and 7 are required to take a 9-week health class


Music Classes

  • Beginning band

  • Advanced band

  • Percussion

  • Orchestra


Other Electives

  • Art
  • Peer Resources
  • African American Male Achievement
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Reading Intervention
  • Math Intervention
  • ELD


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