Indian Education Program - Student Services & Resources

Services Offered

Internship Program

Our paid internship works to guide students to be leaders in their classroom. Interns will learn basic facilitation, organization and program planning by creating their own workshops. Interviews open in August 2022!

Young Men & Women's Group

Open for Middle School and High School youth our groups look at culturally responsive ways to address everyday challenges for our students.

Monthly Family Night

A time to connect with community and learn about history, culture, science, art & more. Hands-on learning Monthly Family Night takes place every 3rd Friday of the month.

Academic Support for K-12

To help students connect with district & school resources to support their academic success.

Resources for our students


Access to Native American materials, CDs, movies, and books are available for check-out to community members & teachers by appointment.

Laptops & Internet Access

Students can come to our center and use our laptops for classwork. We offer free printing and art supplies available for our students.

Tutoring Available

Free tutoring available. Please call 415-517-4573 for more details.

This page was last updated on June 28, 2022