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From the Desk of the Superintendent


Bond measures back major renovations in SFUSD sites

Signs of fall are everywhere — children are back to school and San Franciscans go from wearing short sleeves one day to a heavy coat the next.... Read more


A greener SFUSD

This week thousands from around the world are gathered in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit to share solutions for mitigating climate change. I am proud to lead the school district with the most robust climate action plan in the nation.... Read more


Bayview District schools to be focus of PITCH program

When I first began my career as a teacher, I taught at George Washington Carver Elementary School in the Bayview. The majority of my students were African American students from the Bayview, and they were outperforming most of their peers across the City in academic performance measures.... Read more


Science refreshed in elementary schools this year

In today’s world of information overload, it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction. That’s why we’re teaching critical thinking skills and scientific literacy–to prepare students to think like scientists and engineers, from kindergarten on.... Read more


New beginnings for SFUSD students, staff

Who’s back today? Many people! It’s a day of new beginnings for the 56,000 students who attend our public schools, and the 3,500 teachers and 5,000 support staff who serve them. Many people in lots of places with fantastic learning taking place.... Read more


Getting ready for the new school year

Can you believe that the new school year is just around the corner? I am so excited about what’s in store for students when they return to their classrooms on August 20. From new ways to think about math and science lessons, to our amazing educators who make learning fun, this school year is shaping up to be a blast!... Read more


Learning doesn’t stop in the summer

This is the first full week of summer vacation for our San Francisco public school students. But it doesn’t mean the learning stops. In fact, it’s crucial that children keep learning throughout the summer months. Because, if they don’t, they have a hard time getting back up to speed in the fall. In fact, most children even lose some of the skills they spent all year developing even when they go just a couple months without practicing them. This is called summer learning loss and it’s real.... Read more


This graduation season, meet the future alumni of the SFUSD

Do you hear the sound of clapping and cheering? This is the last week of school for our San Francisco Unified School District students, and the loudest cheers can be heard from our graduating seniors and their families.... Read more


Classroom contributions come in many forms

I love music and listen to it as much as possible. High-performing schools are a lot like a good band or orchestra: Everyone contributes and, no matter which instrument they play, they’re part of making great music. Without the different instruments, the sound would be very different. Last week, I told you about the pre-K through 12 classroom teachers who were honored by Mayor Mark Farrell this year. There is another group of people, just as important to our students, honored by the mayor — our school administrators and para-educators.... Read more


Celebrating impact and innovation across SFUSD

This week, we celebrated school teams that won our annual Impact and Innovation Awards. These awards — supported by the citizens of San Francisco and developed by both the district and the teachers union — enable schools to improve outcomes for our students. They also show what we can achieve when we all work together.... Read more