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From the Desk of the Superintendent


Learning doesn’t stop in the summer

This is the first full week of summer vacation for our San Francisco public school students. But it doesn’t mean the learning stops. In fact, it’s crucial that children keep learning throughout the summer months. Because, if they don’t, they have a hard time getting back up to speed in the fall. In fact, most children even lose some of the skills they spent all year developing even when they go just a couple months without practicing them. This is called summer learning loss and it’s real.... Read more


This graduation season, meet the future alumni of the SFUSD

Do you hear the sound of clapping and cheering? This is the last week of school for our San Francisco Unified School District students, and the loudest cheers can be heard from our graduating seniors and their families.... Read more


Classroom contributions come in many forms

I love music and listen to it as much as possible. High-performing schools are a lot like a good band or orchestra: Everyone contributes and, no matter which instrument they play, they’re part of making great music. Without the different instruments, the sound would be very different. Last week, I told you about the pre-K through 12 classroom teachers who were honored by Mayor Mark Farrell this year. There is another group of people, just as important to our students, honored by the mayor — our school administrators and para-educators.... Read more


Celebrating impact and innovation across SFUSD

This week, we celebrated school teams that won our annual Impact and Innovation Awards. These awards — supported by the citizens of San Francisco and developed by both the district and the teachers union — enable schools to improve outcomes for our students. They also show what we can achieve when we all work together.... Read more


Teacher Appreciation Week a time to reflect on support for educators

Teachers are living proof of the significant difference one person can make in the lives of many. That’s why we are thrilled to be celebrating national Teacher Appreciation Week. From parents and students to the mayor and the S.F. Giants, our community is showing their appreciation for the dedicated educators who help our young people grow and learn. ... Read more


SFUSD sets service standards across the board

At the San Francisco Unified School District, we are dedicated to putting students first and to upholding certain standards of service in every interaction, not only with students, but also with their families and the staff who work with our students and schools.... Read more


Celebrating SFUSD’s 30-year partnership with the San Francisco Symphony

From Mariachi bands to handbell ensembles, African dance to ballet, you probably know by now that San Francisco public school students participate in a rich array of arts education. In addition to the San Francisco Unified School District’s talented teaching artists who guide students every day, we have some of the finest arts’ institutions in the country contributing to our students’ well-rounded education.... Read more


SFUSD committed to recruiting high-quality educators

At SFUSD, we take pride in hiring outstanding teachers to fulfill our mission of providing each and every student with the quality instruction and equitable support they need to thrive in the 21st century. We pair our commitment to social justice with our vision that every student who attends an SFUSD school will discover their spark and achieve a strong sense of self and purpose.... Read more


As graduation season nears, SFUSD works to ensure students cross finish line

It must be spring. Last week, I received the dates for 18 San Francisco public high school graduation ceremonies taking place in early June. I hope to make it to every single one of them. These ceremonies are akin to high holy days for those of us in education.... Read more


Local funding proposal for SFUSD gets green light

Did you know our public schools offer more arts, physical education, librarians and student support services than any other large urban school district in the state? It’s because San Franciscans believe in quality public schools for all. Because of local revenue, there is funding for more than 200 arts teachers, librarians and PE teachers, and for school sites to support homeless students.... Read more