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Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh

From the Desk of the Superintendent


Speak up for sex and gender equality

For my last column of Women’s History Month, I want to address a topic that has been on my mind a lot this past year: male privilege. I’m no expert on this topic — I studied economics and public policy — but for many years I’ve been interested in how power, authority and expectations of behavior work differently for women and men. I also see how our educators, as they work with students, face numerous related questions every day.... Read more


Empowering female students central to SFUSD curriculum

By second grade, more than two thirds of male and female students who were part of a University of Washington study said that math is a “male activity.” Really? Why would 7-year-old students believe this?... Read more


Parents, don’t let students fall trap to the ‘summer slide’

Did you know studies show children who don’t take part in summer enrichment programs, in fact, do worse on the same tests they took a few months prior before summer break? Known as “summer learning loss” or “summer slide,” educators often see students lose some of the academic knowledge they acquired during the previous school year — especially those who have not been actively engaged in learning over the summer.... Read more


Peer support a true resource in SF classrooms

On this last day of February, I bring you one more story to commemorate Black History Month. This one is from a current student, 17-year-old King Deaudry Carr. ... Read more


Reflections from a ‘son of San Francisco’

This week, I would like to share with you an excerpt from a speech made by Landon Dickey, a special assistant who oversees the San Francisco Unified School District’s African-American Achievement and Leadership initiative. A native of San Francisco, Mr. Dickey was invited to speak at City Hall to kick-off Black History Month.... Read more


A love letter to the supporters of San Francisco schools

I don’t often gush, but since today is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to share the love I have for my partner — actually, partners — because in the San Francisco Unified School District, we hold many people and organizations close to our hearts.... Read more


It may be Black History Month, but SF students engage in Ethnic Studies classes year-round

We are just a few days into Black History Month. Our students, like many across America, are learning about the profound contributions of African Americans, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Zora Neale Hurston, Althea Gibson and Frederick Douglass (who was, as we are hearing more and more, amazing).... Read more


New partnership works to end student homelessness in SF

As we make our way around The City, we can’t help but encounter people who lack basic shelter. It is heartbreaking to see our fellow men and women suffer, doing without basic necessities and struggling to maintain a sense of dignity that every human being should have. What you may not know is that a surprising number of our students at the San Francisco Unified School District are also homeless or living in temporary, unstable housing. ... Read more


SF schools expand transit with eye on student safety

It’s great when we solve one problem and end up solving a whole lot more. When it comes to how kids get to and from school, there’s a lot of “yes, and” going on.... Read more


Educational disparities in SF mirror societal inequities

The San Francisco Unified School District is one of the highest-performing urban school districts in California. In fact, overall, our students did better than all other California large urban districts on the new standardized tests last year. But the numbers for some of our kids are concerning — and we know it. Some of our kids still aren’t getting the education and support they need at school.... Read more