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From the Desk of the Superintendent


Building a bridge from high school to college

The percentage of San Francisco Unified School District graduates enrolling in college has been steadily increasing. Last year, 80 percent of SFUSD graduates entered a two or four year college.... Read more


SF school programs bring wider range of opportunities to female students

Question: What do Ruth Asawa, Dolores Huerta, Dianne Feinstein, Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, and June Jordan have in common? (I’ll tell you the answer after you read my article.)... Read more


Celebrating the most important meal of the day during National School Breakfast Week

This week, the San Francisco Unified School District, along with other districts across the nation, are celebrating National School Breakfast Week. On Friday, I will be eating breakfast in the classroom with a student who will be eating the one millionth breakfast served in SFUSD this year. ... Read more


San Francisco schools celebrate the 25th annual African American honor roll

February is African American History month and, in addition to going deeper into our history, we’ve also been celebrating the current and future contributions of our community members.... Read more


San Francisco schools are making progress toward narrowing opportunity gaps

John Muir, Sherman and Clarendon elementary schools are in different parts of San Francisco but they have one important thing in common: African American students at these schools have demonstrated higher proficiency rates in Math and English than the district average for elementary-age African American students. Let me share a little more about what they are doing.... Read more


Black History Month a great learning opportunity for families

Schools throughout San Francisco are celebrating Black History Month. There are classroom lessons, schoolwide assemblies, and lots of other activities dedicated to celebrating Black History and the many contributions of African Americans.... Read more


Hands on learning prepares students for college and careers

Constructing a meditation pavilion to provide a space for students to engage in reflection and respite. Visiting McLaren Park weekly to remove non-native plants, and install native species in their place. Studying and practicing EMT skills of human anatomy, physiology and emergency medicine.... Read more


How to become a teacher

When I was a teacher at Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary School, I loved going to work every day because I knew I was making a difference in the lives of the young people who showed up each day.... Read more


Mentors challenge you to push your limits

Do you know the feeling of doing something challenging yet rewarding and being cheered on by someone who believed you could do it?... Read more


Why four years of high school math matters

If your child is enrolled in a public school in San Francisco, their math classes will probably seem very different than how you learned math in school.... Read more