Resources for Teaching about Race, Anti-Racism & Violence

Talking with Students about War

Resources for K-12 Educators

We mourn the loss of lives as war continues to unfold in the Middle East, and recognize the escalated conflict has an impact on our students, families, staff, and community. Members of our community may have personal connections to this situation and many of us are hurting. We hold everyone impacted in our hearts.

Please note that SFUSD does not endorse a particular political viewpoint, and the following resources are not meant to be exhaustive. 

Talking with Children about War

Addressing Anti Semitism in Public Schools

  • The San Diego County Office of Education's guide for educators to address antisemitism contains resources from educational organizations, many of which are promoted and used by state departments of education and teachers across the country.

Countering Islamophobia in Public Schools

Additional Resources

Resources for Teaching about Race, Anti-Racism & Violence

Honoring and Celebrating Black History

SFUSD recognizes news and experiences of ongoing violent incidents across our country has an impact on our students, families, and entire community, and is committed to supporting students as they process current events.  It is alway the time to affirm our anti-racist practices, build and strengthen the authentic partnership we develop with students, and help students to engage in deeper learning. 

See resources for educators and for families about talking with students about race, racism, and police violence, as well as resources to help children, families, and communities navigate what they are seeing and hearing in the news.

This is also a time to continue to uplift and celebrate Black History - 365 Days a Year.  See SFUSD’s updated Black History Month Resource Guide.

White Supremacy Culture: Characteristics and Antidotes

The ExCEL team dedicates time to review and reflect on characteristics of White Supremacy culture and Antidotes to those characteristicsWe strive to provide concrete examples of practices we can implement in our day to day work together to serve students. 

We offer these resources for you to explore:

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