Distribution of Portable Air Cleaners to More Classrooms

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The SFUSD Facilities Division will begin distribution of Portable Air Cleaners (PACs) to more classrooms on 9/7/21. 

We have purchased the High Capacity Plus Purifier from USA Sealing for classroom use. Four criteria shaped the selection of this model of PAC:

  • HEPA filtration
  • Large room capacity: 1500 square feet
  • Low power draw:  4 amps
  • Sturdy construction: will hopefully withstand the bumps and bruises of classroom life. 

PACs will be distributed to all schools on a rolling basis. 

Two criteria have shaped our selection of the first sites with operable windows to receive PACs: 1) Facilities staff have assessed the electrical load capacity of the buildings and 2) geographic location. 

Here is the list of sites in our first wave (in alphabetical, not sequential order):

  • Bessie Carmichael Elementary School
  • Bret Harte Elementary School
  • Bryant Elementary School
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary School
  • Cleveland Elementary School
  • Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy
  • Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary School
  • E.R. Taylor Elementary School
  • El Dorado Elementary School
  • George R. Moscone Elementary School
  • Gordon J. Lau Elementary School
  • Guadalupe Elementary School
  • Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School
  • McLaren Early Education Center
  • Monroe Elementary School
  • New Traditions Creative Arts Elementary School
  • San Francisco Community School
  • Sheridan Elementary School
  • Sunnyside Elementary School
  • Visitacion Valley Elementary School

At this time, we are distributing PACs to classrooms only. PACs will be delivered and installed in the morning before school starts or after school. A PAC “team” and truck will be on site to unbox the PACs, deliver and install to classrooms, collect  and document serial numbers, and remove or store debris on site for collection later.