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SFUSD has been distributing at-home test kits to students at school sites, along with a flier in multiple languages that contains instructions for use. 

Please see the following schedule of targeted delivery dates from warehouse to school sites. Please note that the distribution at the school sites might occur on a different date and families will hear directly from their school when their child has received a kit to take home.

When to Use At-Home Tests

COVID-19 testing is not required. SFDPH recommends usage of at-home tests when:

  • Returning to schools if exhibiting symptoms
  • Return to school from isolation on or after 5 days, and 
  • Screen after the Martin Luther King Day and Lunar New Year holidays, even if you are not symptomatic
  • If your student gets sick with symptoms (like cough and fever), stay home and use your tests to see if it is COVID-19.
  • If your student is exposed to someone with COVID-19, stay home and use your tests on or after day 5. 
  • If your student is fully vaccinated or has had COVID-19 in the past 3 months, they do not need to quarantine and should continue to come to school in person as long as they don’t have symptoms.
  • SFDPH at home test tips:

Share your test results (not required but highly encouraged)

If your student is very sick: call 911, visit an emergency room, or call your doctor.

Understand your test results

Visit to learn more about SFUSD health and safety protocols 


If you feel well and have no COVID-19 symptoms, return to school.

If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please call your school before you return – even if the test is negative. More testing may be needed.


Stay home and isolate for at least 5 days. You can return to school on the sixth day if you have a negative test result on or after day five. 

Report your results: Call 415-660-9850 to report starting 1/10/22. If you get a positive test result before 1/10/22, contact your school. 


Retest at school or at a local testing site. Visit for more information, including COVID-19 testing location and schedule.SFUSD will continue to offer self-swab test kits at every school site. These test results will be returned within 24 to 48 hours. 

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