COVID-19 TESTING: Color Self-Swab Tests (Daily pickups at school sites)

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To meet the increased demand brought on by the Omicron surge, self-swab molecular testing through Color, which SFUSD has provided since last spring, is now available for daily pick up at school sites, increased from weekly school site pick-ups prior to 2022. 

Self-swab kits for all students and staff are available for pick up at any school site, any mobile testing site, or any central office drop-off location. Self-swab kit samples will be collected daily at each school site.

Samples can be dropped off at:

Instructions for use are included in the kit. Multilingual instructions are also available.

Please NOTE: SFUSD staff are NOT expected to help students or families with self swab sampling. 

If you are symptomatic or have been identified as a close contact, please visit these testing locations.

Help SFUSD get reimbursed!

We committed to helping SFUSD staff, families, and student access free COVID-19 tests, and are strongly encouraging families with health insurance to provide their health insurance information.

The reimbursement will helps SFUSD lower the costs for testing services that we are dramatically scaling up to meet the unprecedented need. Families will not be billed for the test, and tests will continue to be available to staff and students who do not have health insurance at no cost.

How to Register for Color Testing (flier with multilingual options):

Steps - To Create A COLOR Account 

  1. Ask your school site/office for you child’s Student No (student number) 
    1. You can also find it on ParentVUE 
  2. Register with the Color (  (First Time Only) using the Student No 
  3. Use COLOR Kit as directed based on timeline below


Testing Timeline: 

  • Symptomatic Students: can use test kit immediately
  • Close Contacts: 
    • Vaccinated Students:  test on day 3-5 
    • Unvaccinated Students:  quarantine and test on day 5 


Unmonitored Testing Procedure

  • Students age 18 and older may self-collect their own samples without adult supervision. 
  • Samples for students ages 14-17 may be self-collected under adult supervision.
  • Samples for students ages 2-13 may be collected with adult assistance 

Need Assistance? 

Call Color at (844) 531-0545 to get support with your test kit!