About iLab

SFUSD’s iLab was designed as a critical lever in 2014 to develop our district into an innovative system that progresses toward Vision 2025 to ensure each and every student achieves the skills of the Graduate Profile

From 2014-2023, the iLab supported innovation across the district from the classroom to the boardroom. With generosity of funders and community partners, we have:

  • facilitated creative collaboration with teachers, students, families, and site and central leaders
  • co-designed models for innovative classroom and instruction as well as physical classroom spaces
  • supported cross departmental collaboration in an effort to more equitably serve our students and families
  • coached staff across the district in the liberatory design process to cultivate the mindsets, capacity, and tools to meaningfully engage in developing innovative solutions

iLab Resources

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iLab provides resources in the Liberatory Design process that can be used for site or central office projects. 

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QTEA Innovation Awards

From 2014-23, schools had the opportunity to redesign an aspect of their school’s work that tackled an equity dilemma and further developed the skills and competencies of the Graduate Profile for all students. Through coaching and support from the iLab, schools engaged in a design process with school stakeholders and design a solution to implement this school year.

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Superintendent's Innovation Fellowships

From 2019-23, the Superintendent’s Innovation Awards, generously sponsored by the Someland foundation, built the innovative capacity of SFUSD and designed exemplary models using student-centered design thinking. Seven SFUSD schools were selected to engage in a design process to re-imagine learning spaces and teaching practices so that all students realize the Graduate Profile. These 7 schools will lay the foundation for bright spots to spread innovative practices about how space design supports teaching and learning across the district.

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