Superintendent’s Innovation Fellowship

2019-2021 Superintendent's Innovation Fellowship

Key question to guide instructional and environmental design 

  • Lincoln High School 
    • How can we use cross-curricular collaboration to dismantle habits that condition students to work for the right answer, pass the test, or get an A, etc. But instead scaffold reflection & self-assessment to promote growth and a sense of purpose in school?
  • Hillcrest Elementary School 
    • How might we design our learning spaces to meet the individual sensory and safety needs of our special education students while still supporting the needs of the class as a whole?
  • John Muir Elementary School
    • If our students have a natural, open and flexible classroom, how will the space foster student agency in order to promote critical thinking and independence in academics, especially so that our black and brown students can continue to excel academically?
  • San Francisco Community 
    • How can we, as K-8 project based learning teachers, deconstruct and radically redesign our learning spaces to disrupt the teacher-led model that hasn’t historically provided opportunities for agency and empowerment for our students who have experienced educational injustices and inequities?

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