Physical Education & Physical Activity Awards



Ms. Gloria Siech was a physical education teacher from 1967-1998 and our district’s first K-12 Physical Education Content Specialist from 1998-2003. She worked effortlessly to bring physical education to high standards in San Francisco’s elementary and secondary physical education programs. She pioneered the distinguished elementary physical education program that thrives today, and she initiated a standards-based curriculum guide for a comprehensive and quality physical education program for our secondary schools. Gloria believed in talent and leadership and in a strong physical education program that engaged student learning and success.

The Gloria Siech Physical Education Teacher Award recognizes exemplary work by physical educators in the elementary, middle school, and high school divisions. Physical education teachers nominate deserving colleagues, and the Academic and Professional Development Physical Education Department decides on the most outstanding candidates in the elementary and secondary divisions that best represent quality physical education instruction and leadership in SFUSD.




A teacher who has made an impact on students and their community. They do so without realizing that their every action has a rippling effect that has a bigger influence on the “entire pond”.  Someone who you believe is truly inspirational and will continue to make a huge impact on students.  

Previous Gloria Siech Award Recipients

  • Brenda Richards- 2020
  • Rocio Ramirez - 2019
  • Olga Camacho - 2018
  • Leslie Burleson - 2017
  • Sophia Corbett - 2017
  • Terence Doherty - 2016
  • Lenda Butcher- Meyers -2016
  • Brian Chang - 2015
  • Danielle Andreson-  2015
  • Karen Hadley - 2008
  • Wendy Haney - 2007
  • Jeri Jank -2007

Previous Pond Rippler Recipients

  • Dave Speidel,
  • Amy Matarazzo
  • Andrew Kelder
  • Danny Moroney
  • Justin Alander-Yasonia 
  • Shenny Diaz 
  • Lavinia Meeker 
  • Cynthia Harb 
  • Brenda Richard 
  • Lenda Butcher-Meyer
  • Brian Chang
  • Savannah Lykins
  • Duane Breaux
  • Cristal Fernandez
  • Danielle Carlin
  • Olga Camacho
  • Erika Kniffel
  • James Burke
  • Gabriel Morse
  • Annicia Jones
  • Corey Capozziello
  • Felipe Segovia
  • Sharon Cheng 
  • Amanda Gallagher
  • Hannah Manetta