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Inclusive Schools Week

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Inclusive Schools Week December 5-9, 2022!

During the week of National Inclusive Schools Week, December 5th - 9th, The Physical Education & Physical Activity Department of SFUSD's goal is for every teacher to provide 1-2 lessons that foster a better understanding among special education students and their general education peers. 

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    Special Olympics Events

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    Special Olympics Unified Games unifies students with & without disabilities through activities that provide them with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all students. We offer unified teams and skills stations through Soccer and Basketball. 

    School Partnership Program with Special Olympics of Northern California

    SONC School Partnership Program

    SFUSD and SONC Schools Partnership Program will provide competitive and non-competitive athletic opportunities (including Unified Games) to all school-age children with special needs. Our ultimate goal is for all participating students to experience a fun, inclusive, and safe environment that fosters a deep understanding and respect of individual differences, and that through the spirit of teamwork, inclusiveness, and individual challenges, life skills are enhanced.

    Our three large events include soccer, basketball, and track & field. Usually, these events take place in winter, spring, and late spring/early summer. Our goal is to expand the number of students we reach with our events within SFUSD and provide more events for them to partake in, in the future. ​

    Questions about Special Olympics?

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