Family Technology Information: Devices

Do I Need to Return My Distance Learning Technology?

Revised 8/20/21

For students who borrowed district technology during distance learning, those devices now belong to the schools they are attending in Fall 2021. Your school site will provide details about how it is specifically managing, collecting, and distributing devices.

All students who did not return to SFUSD for the 2021-2022 school year must return their borrowed Chromebooks, hotspots, and charging cables, if they have not already done so. Unreturned devices will be deactivated and will be a lost resource for the school. Students who attended a VILS iPad middle school last year and who are attending a different, non-charter SFUSD school this year, should exchange their VILS iPad for a Chromebook at their new school.

How to return your student technology:

  • If you are leaving, or have left, SFUSD, return district technology to the last SFUSD school you attended. 
  • If you cannot get to your former school, you may also leave your items (with charging cables) in the drop box at 555 Franklin St. The lobby may be accessed Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 


Need a Device?

During 2021-2022, technology is being distributed and exchanged at school sites. To request or exchange a device for your child's homework or in-school learning, please contact your school. Your school may ask you to complete the Online Technology Request Form available in ParentVUE. To do so, you must have an active Family Portal (ParentVUE) account. 

  • If you haven’t activated yet, please contact your school site for an activation key and follow the steps. You can activate your ParentVUE account at
  • Login to your ParentVUE account at, and click on “Online Forms.”
  • You can find step-by-step instructions for completing the Online Technology Request Form and a recorded video example at

All students and families who borrow SFUSD technology must abide by the Technology User Agreement. Violations of the agreement may result in disciplinary action or a discontinuation of technology access.

Learn How to Get Started with an SFUSD Chromebook

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