Parenting in the Digital Age

The Department of Technology has curated resources  below  around parenting in the Digital Age from a couple of our trusted partners. Please feel free to reach out to your students school DLeaF if you are looking for more support.

Common Sense MediaParenting in a Digital Age (10 min. Webinar) 
ScreenSenseOne Step Newsletter ( A blog or you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter)

SFUSD & Artificial Intelligence

AI in sfusd

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

 Artificial intelligence is a field of study in computer science. It deals with creating machines that are ‘intelligent’ and can perform tasks like a human. Examples of this in our everyday life are security robots and self checkout kiosks

security robot




What is Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Generative AI is a new technology that is rapidly expanding, and powers tools you may have heard of in the news such as ChatGPT,  Google Bard, Claude, Midjourney. AI uses information from various sources to provide its information. So, while a tool like ChatGPT might seem intelligent, it is really simply following instructions and information given to it to respond.

Check out Traditional AI vs. Generative AI: A Breakdown to learn more! 

Want More Resources on AI Tools?

There are many AI tools out there. Right now,  SFUSD has not approved any AI tools for student use. SFUSD is currently in the information gathering stage of several AI tools to determine recommendations and next steps for SFUSD students and their parents. In the meantime we encourage you to take time to explore the spaces below  to learn more AI tools and products.

Commonsense Media AI Product Reviews
Internet Matters A parent’s guide to using AI with kids
ISTE How do children and parents learn about AI together?
Medium Teaching Kids What AI Is (and Isn’t)

Technology Resources for Learning

Below, you will find lots of useful information about digital learning resources and how they support your child's learning

This page was last updated on May 7, 2024