Middle Grade Health Education

A Closer Look

What's Covered in Middle Grade Health Classes?

SFUSD offers two middle grade health education courses, designed to be taken in sequence. Courses will be implemented as trimester-length classes in the seventh and eighth grades

Health 101

Students learn and practice the protective skills to make good choices and stay engaged in school despite the pitfalls of substance abuse, bullying, cyber-bullying, unhealthy foods, and peer pressure.  They learn how their brain and body changes during their teen years, as well as how to care for and nurture them. Additionally, Puberty and Anatomy classes teach students about reproductive health, body development, positive body image, and healthy relationships while promoting values of diversity and inclusion.  

Health 201

Students participate in deeper learning activities that shift the focus on health topics towards community and global health topics. Second year health students will also continue lessons on comprehensive relationship and sexuality curriculum so they have the skills  and information they need to make healthy choices around pregnancy prevention, STIs, preventing sexual harassment and assault, and preventing Human Trafficking. Students review and practice healthy eating, goal setting, and how to counteract negative media messages about body image.

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