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Health Education

Teaching of nutrition education is supported by District Policy #19-24SP1, which requires use of district adopted materials, skills based content focused, and professional development Health Education mandates.

  • Elementary School: 20 lessons / grade level / year
  • Middle School: 30 hours / grade level /year
  • High School: One semester graduation requirement

Physical Education

Physical Education is mandated by District and State Education Codes as follows:

  • Elementary School: 200 minutes / 10 days (K-5)
  • Middle School: 400 minutes / 10 days (6 -8)
  • High School: 2 years of 400 minutes / 10 days

Wellness Policy

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See the Wellness Policy Be Well Booklets in ENGLISH | SPANISH | CHINESE.

Full Wellness Policy

In April 2015, the Board of Education approved an updated wellness policy that was developed through a collaborative community process. 

Wellness Policy (P5167) (pdf)  meets all the provisions of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA), and provides all schools with a framework to actively promote the health and wellness of students, staff and families; it includes guidelines related to nutrition, nutrition education, food and beverage marketing, physical education  physical activity, and staff wellness.  The Wellness Policy is meant to inspire and empower a shift in culture that will increase healthy eating and physical activity among our students by creating environments that encourage and support healthy choices. 

Each school is encouraged to establish a School Wellness Committee to help implement and evaluate adherence to the Policy and to create a ‘school wellness report card’ to detail progress.

Read the wellness policy in ENGLISH | SPANISHCHINESE.

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