A Space that Inspires

Concept Images

A Look Inside the Hub

Check out our early concept images for the Hub.  The vision is for the space to feature:

  • Updated equipment and technology to prepare students for careers in Health, Bioscience, and other STEM-aligned sectors. 
  • Flexibility to adapt to different areas of study and student-centered projects
  • A learning environment that supports both collaboration and individual learning needs

Biotechnology Lab Concept

Students will have access to cutting edge technology, conducting their own research, in an environment that mirrors current professional settings

Students engaged in Biotechnology experiments


Allied Health Lab Concept

Students will use current technologies, practice patient care, and have flexibility to investigate a wide range of health-related challenges

Students with doctors practicing different medical procedures


Flexible Learning & Collaboration Space

Students will be able to utilize open space for individual or collaborative learning needs.

2 students working on laptop computers.  3 students working on a model.  2 students experimenting with virtual reality and robotics.


A Maker's Yard

We envision students engaged in hands-on experiments and developing concrete prototypes and solutions.

1 student using 3D Printer.  2 students using saws on outdoor patio.  6 students observing.

This page was last updated on November 23, 2021