Meet the PE Team

Meet the Central Office PE Team

Michelle Zapata, Director of Physical Education & Physical Activities

Michelle is a native San Franciscan and grew up in the Excelsior District. She attended Longfellow Elementary School, Hoover Middle School, and Lincoln High School. As a young adult, she attended UC Berkeley for her Undergraduate and continued on to get her Masters at Saint Mary’s College. She received her credential at California State University, San Francisco. Michelle has always known the importance of being active,  in her youth she played and participated in track, volleyball, synchronized swimming, & softball. She went to UC Berkeley receiving a full athletic scholarship to play volleyball. Michelle was inducted into the San Francisco Prep Hall of Fame in 2009 and the Abraham Lincoln High School Hall of Fame in 2004. As a native San Franciscan, she has dedicated herself to working tirelessly for students, teachers, and families of San Francisco. In SFUSD she has either taught, coached, or been Athletic Director at Potrero Hill Middle School, McAteer High School, Francisco Middle School, Galileo High School (both her parents graduated from Galileo), and Marina Middle School.   Most notably she has been a driving force for creating a Physical Education Department in SFUSD that provides ongoing teacher support, training, funding, equipment, technology, teaching jobs, and curriculum for school sites. A once-forgotten and neglected subject area within SFUSD Curriculum and Instruction Office has developed into a department of 43 staff members. She has two boys both attending SFUSD schools. Her husband, Francisco Zapata arrived from Nicaragua in his early teens and attended Luther Burbank Middle School, Mission High School, SF City Community College, Laney College, University of San Francisco, and Saint Mary's College. Yes, they have been together since high school. 

Desirae Feria, Supervisor of Physical Education K-5th Grade

Desirae is a Bay Area native from Hayward, CA.  She attended Hayward High School and went onto
Sacramento State University on a full-ride scholarship for Women's Soccer.  She has a Bachelor of
Science in Kinesiology, Single Subject Teaching Credential in Physical Education, a Master of Education, and an Administrative Credential.  She has been with SFUSD for 11 years. Desirae works closely with the elementary team to provide high-quality Physical Education for all SFUSD students.  Her passion for Physical Education goes beyond SFUSD and she has been a CAHPERD Section Chair for the Leadership & Administration Division, as well as, the current Section Chair for their Elementary Physical Education Division. Ultimately, her passion is to help students become confident movers while mastering foundational skills and becoming physically literate.  ​

Shenny Diaz, Program Administrator K-8th Grade 

Shenny is a Bay Area Native from Daly City, CA. She attended San Francisco University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education and a single subject teaching credential for K-12 Physical Education. This is her first year as a Program Administrator for Physical Education and her passion is to help engage students in learning experiences that are safe, and enjoyable and encourages lifelong participation in physical activity. 

Verna Castro, Program Administrator 9th-12th Grade

Verna is a graduate of the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. She has a Masters's degree and K-12 PE credential from Stanford University and an administrative credential from UC Berkeley. Verna is a lifelong passionate teacher and coach in SFUSD.  She begins her 8th year as a high school program administrator. Verna's 30-year labor of love teaching/leading secondary physical education and vast diverse leadership experiences have provided leverage and a laser focus on collaborating with staff across disciplines in a mission of  "ALL students achieving and enjoying healthy active lifestyles."  Verna's greatest professional joys are collaborating for positive change and seeing her teachers and students engage in experiential learning for meaningful outcomes. Verna’s crowning glory is raising her daughter Shauna who attended SFUSD K-12 and is now an MFT in private practice. Her spare time is spent with her grandson and enjoying outdoor adventures.

Gloria Sagastume, Elementary Implementation Specialist, TSA

Gloria Sagastume was born and raised in San Francisco, a city she loves deeply.  She attended San Francisco State University where she earned both her undergraduate and Master of Science degrees in Kinesiology.  She has been an Elementary Physical Education Specialist for 10 years and is passionate about providing elementary students with a quality physical education-one they both need and deserve.  Gloria is also passionate about surfing, rock climbing, running, and traveling as much as possible.  As a new mom, Gloria looks forward to sharing all of these interests with her son and looks forward to the day when he will attend school in San Francisco and take part in Physical Education classes that she and SFUSD’s PE Department have helped cultivate.  

Demetria Chi, Elementary Implementation Specialist, TSA

Born and raised in San Francisco, Demetria attended Lowell High School where she was named to the All-City teams for varsity volleyball, basketball, and track.  She graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Human Development and a minor in Exercise Science.  Demetria has earned a Masters's in Coaching and Athletic Administration and has been an Elementary PE Specialist with SFUSD for the last 10 years.  As an athlete and mother of two, she fully supports and understands the importance of providing quality physical education for our youth and is happy to play a role in developing healthy bodies and positive attitudes towards PE and fitness.

Dachia Williams, Content Specialist, Secondary Division, TSA

Unlike most Dachia is a transplant from the east coast. Dachia grew up in State College, Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University. She obtained a B.S. in Kinesiology and has Virginia K-12 Health and Physical Education teaching license, as well a single subject teaching credential in California for Health Science and Physical education. Dachia moved to the bay area two years ago to obtain her Master's degree in Education. The focus of her work was on equity and social justice in the P.E. and Dance classroom. Dachia grew up participating in competitive dance (Dance Moms Style!) and has always loved movement. This is her first year working in the Physical Education & Physical Activities Central Office and is excited to bring her dance background to the office, as well as bringing her passion for fitness and movement to the district!

Jennifer Uperesa, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer is a first-generation Samoan American. She was born and raised in San Francisco. She attended Charles Drew ES, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School & graduated from ISA High School. She has been with SFUSD for the last 13 years but this will be her fourth year with the Physical Education department. She is excited to work with a team with so much experience and passion for Physical Education.

Theresa Lopez, Administrative Analyst

Theresa is a San Francisco native. She attended Chico State University and graduated with a degree in International Relations. She was an avid athlete growing up and knows the importance of physical education and physical fitness. She enjoys being part of such a supportive and student-focused team. This will be her eighth year with the Physical Education & Physical Activities Department. 

Elementary PE Specialists

Elementary K-5th

  • Alamo - Ann Murphy 
  • Alvarado- 
  • Argonne - Zac Marlin 
  • Bryant- Jeanna Chavetta, Emily Law 
  • Carver - Craig Bostwick 
  • Chavez- Ariel Feingold-Shaw, 
  • Chin, Yehall - Mike Gomez, 
  • Chinese Immersion - Josh Schmidt
  • Clarendon- Andrew Kelder
  • Cleveland- Tommy Luk 
  • Cobb- Pam Lim 
  • Drew- Mia Azzaro, 
  • Edwin & Anita Lee (Chinese Education Center) - Nathan Bryant 
  • El Dorado-  Dave McKee
  • Feinstein, Dianne - 
  • Flynn - 
  • Garfield- Carly Ciardi 
  • Glen Park- Nathan Bryant
  • Grattan - Molly Smith 
  • Guadalupe - Christopher Tellas
  • Harte, Bret - Christopher Russo, Josh Schmidt
  • Hillcrest- Jason Derderian 
  • Huerta, Dolores (Fairmount) - Emily Law
  • Jefferson - Mike Flynn
  • Key, Francis Scott- Dave Speidel 
  • King, Starr- Trevor Williams
  • Lafayette- 
  • Lakeshore- Ricki Reese
  • Lau, Gordon J. - Justin Alander Yasonia
  • Longfellow- 
  • Malcolm X- Keith Bragas, Raphael Harris 
  • Marshall - Roji Behr, Jason Derderian 
  • McCoppin, Frank -  Ariel Feingold-Shaw
  • McKinley- Dylan Debono, Kayla Horibe
  • Milk, Harvey - Derik Dulin
  • Miraloma -Amy Matarazzo 
  • Mission Education Center- Cynthia Sosa
  • Monroe - Keith Bragas
  • Montessori, S.F. - Dan Fortier, Daniel Moroney 
  • Moscone, George - Raphael Harris 
  • Muir, John- Cynthia Sosa, Andrew Kelder 
  • New Traditions- Molly Smith 
  • Ortega, Jose- Tommy Luk, Dave Speidel 
  • Parker, Jean - Jolinko Lassiter, Dave Faulkner
  • Parks, Rosa- Ruben Guzman, Zac Marlin  
  • Peabody, George- Trevor Williams 
  • Redding- Dave McKee
  • Sanchez- Marci Marquez
  • Serra, Junipero- Ben Bell, Ann Murphy  
  • Sheridan- Andre Barnes
  • Sherman- Dave Faulkner 
  • Sloat, Commodore - Daniel Moroney, Pam Lim 
  • Spring Valley - Jeanna Chavetta
  • Stevenson, R.L. - Kayla Horibe
  • Sunnyside- Ben Bell 
  • Sunset- Mia Azarro 
  • Sutro - Carly Ciardi 
  • Taylor, E.R. - Rashaida Johnson 
  • Visitacion Valley - Jolinko Lassiter
  • Webster, Daniel - Ruben Guzman, Ricki Reese 
  • West Portal - Daniel Moroney 
  • Yick Wo- Andre Barnes

K-8 Elementary PE Specialists

  • Alice Fong Yu - Dylan Debono
  • Bessie Carmichael - Mike Gomez
  • Buena Vista/ Horace Mann - Roji Behr 
  • Claire Lilienthal- Mike Flynn 
  • Lawton - 
  • Paul Revere- Derik Dulin, Christopher Tellas
  • Rooftop- 
  • SF Community - Marci Marquez

*Please note, that we try to keep our teacher list as up-to-date as possible, but lists may not always be accurate. 

Middle School Teachers

K-8 Middle School Teachers 

  • A. Fong Yu 
    • Samantha Boscia
    • Alice Lenz
  • Bessie Carmichael 
    • Anthony Boland
  • Claire Lilienthal 
  • Paul Revere
    • Harlin Tam 
  • Lawton
    • Brenda Richard
  • Rooftop
    • Jorge Medina
    • Carlos Delgadilio
  • S.F. Community 
    • Keith Stamper

Middle Schools 6th-8th 

  • Aptos
    • Danielle Hanlon 
    • Hallie Meneses
    • Stephen Eguilos
    • Gabriel Haas
    • Edward Ridad
    • Christopher Derleth 
  • Brown, Willie
    • Michael Cajina
    • Hannah Manetta
  • Denman, James
    • Lavinia Meeker
    • Jamaica DeLa'O
    • Kevin Gresh 
    • Diego Bustos
    • Jason Chen 
  • Everett
    • Amanda Gallagher
    • Matt Froines
    • Annicia Jones
    • Luther Cuffy 
    • Demetric Strong
  • Francisco
    • Danielle Anderson 
    • Tony Catalini
    • Felipe Segovia
    • Juliette Sui 
  • A.P. Giannini
    • Savannah Lykins
    • John Deppmeier
    • Chris Cheng
    • Jason Blum 
    • Carlos Alfaro 
    • Leila Johnson
    • Kristina Vasquez
  • H. Hoover
    • Brian Gomes
    • Curtis Chan 
    • Christian Visperas
    • Kristine Starn 
    • Emily Diab
  • King Jr., Martin Luther
    • Lenda Butcher -Myers
    • Diana Delfino
    • Ronald Calloway 
    • Tamayo Wendel
  • Lick, James
    • Scott Yamamoto
    • Sharon Roberts-Cagle
    • Paul Ching
    • Thomas Ashby 
  • Marina
    • Jamie Canellos
    • Toni Chui
    • Peter Doyle
    • Cynthia Hard 
  • Presidio
    • Leslie Burleson 
    • Sharon Cheng
    • Shauna Kim Alvarez
    • Mike Meneses
    • Brian Okita
    • Eric Kudroff
  • Roosevelt
    •  Brian Chang
    • Whitney Marsh 
    • Christina Jacobs
    • Andrew Furia
  • Visitacion Valley 
    • Barry O'Driscoll
    • Lisa-Beth Watkins
    • Corey Capozziello 

*Please note, that we try to keep our teacher list as up to date as possible, but lists may not always be accurate. 

High School Teachers

  • Balboa 
    • Rocio Ramirez
    • Val Cubales
    • Lily Louey 
    • Travis Porter
  • Burton 
    • Duane Breaux
    • Brian Pan 
    • Olga Camacho
    • Muszetta Jones
  • Galileo 
    • Kevin Adams
    • Chris Sklarz
    • Rachel Scott
    • David Braund
    • Matthew Mendoza
  • Ida B. Wells
    • James Burke
  • Independence 
    • Ignacio Saldana
  • International 
    • Patrick Pereira
  • June Jordan 
    • Annette Linton
  • Lincoln
    •  Kevin Doherty 
    • Phil Ferrigno
    • Don Harris
    • Stephanie Lu 
    • Vincent Tang 
    • Camille Bustos
  • Lowell
    • Terrence Doherty 
    • Christina Hosoda
    • Cody Micheltree
    • Jenna Welch 
    • Juan Lopez
    • Robert Ray 
    • Sascha Taylor-Ray 
    • Cambria Gersten 
  • Marshall
    •  Peter Schuttish 
    • Michael Vannelli 
  • Mission
    • Cristal Fernandez
    • Sara Kosoff
    • Jaesm Pascual 
  • O'Connell
    •  Natalie Lenarduzzi
    • Damion Aultman
  • Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
    • Andrea Hinman 
    • Joshua Jung
  • The Academy
    •  Ivan Moseman 
  • Wallenberg
    • Jeff Sunada
    • Gabe Morse
  • Washington
    •  Jamie Hom 
    • Danny Camacho
    • Lori McLaughlin
    • Taylan Plasch
    • Carrie Wert
    • Sharon Wong

    Court & County Schools 

    • Civic Center
      • Maurice Harper (Principal) 
    • Downtown
      •  Ellen Wong (Principal) 
    • Hilltop
      • Diana Alvarez 
    • Woodside
      • Chris Lanier (Principal) 
    • Youth Chance
      • Eugenia Young (Principal) 

    *Please note, that we try to keep our teacher list as up to date as possible, but lists may not always be accurate. 

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