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Candidate Resources

National Board Learning and Leadership

Foundations For National Board Certification

In Foundations, candidates work together to explore the 5 Core Propositions, the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching, and their certificate area standards.

Google Classroom

A completely virtual, self-paced asychronous foundaitons course via Google Classroom. 

Foundations for National Board Certification: Syllabus

Google Classroom

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Blended Learning

Includes 2 live webinars and 3 hours of online learning via Google Classroom.

Dates for Fall 2020 have passed. Check back for 2021 dates!

Click here to find Foundations Resources. 


Candidates have the time, space, and tools to understand the instructional requirements for a selected component, and to plan in-depth for the selected sequence of instruction. Instructional plans will support a robust learning experience aligned to The Architecture of Accomplished Teaching and component requirements. Attendance at the first meeting is required; 3 of 4 subsequent meetings required. New candidates must attend Foundations prior to the first meeting.

Not available in the 2020-2021 school year. 

Check back for Fall 2021 Dates

Saturday Workshops

In these half-day sessions, candidates select a workshop that best fits their needs. The Workshop Offerings document provides session descriptions and details. Registration opens a month in advance.  

Register Here for the 2\4/10/21 Workshop 

Time: 9:30-12pm

Cohort Support

Candidates meet monthly with colleagues at their school site, or in a mixed site group, to share, analyze, and reflect on instructional practice. Cohorts have an NBCT Professional Learning Facilitator to provide structure and strategies for the group. Consistent attendance is a requirement.

Cohort Application deadline: October 1st, 2020

Cohort Application

See Cohort Guidelines for more information.


Preparing for Component 1: Content Knowledge

Accomplished educators know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. The resources below are to support your review of your content area in preparation for the Component 1 Assessment Center. 

These resources are crowd-sourced and you may find some more useful than others. ​If your content area is missing and/or you have a helpful resource for others, or if you have feedback on a particular resource in our list, please let us know in this Google Form.

For preparation guidance and support, attend Saturday Workshop sessions. If you cannot, you may engage with our Google Classroom, Course Code nggkf6o.


All Content and Certificate Areas


Please see content specific resources

Certificate Area Study Groups

Find candidates in your certificate area to study for Component 1 or to share writing/video for feedback. 

  • ​Upon registration, you will receive a link to access the names in the database. Once you've accessed the list of candidate names, reach out to your certificate area colleagues to coordinate study groups.​

Register Here to have your name added to our Certificate Area Study Groups database!