What is the Resource Alignment Initiative?


Our unwavering commitment is to create strong, supportive learning environments for each and every student in each and every school each and every day. 

What is the Resource Alignment Initiative?

The Resource Alignment Initiative (RAI) is a multifaceted plan to align SFUSD’s resources to its goals. It began in August 2023 with an honest discussion between SFUSD staff and the Board of Education about the current state of SFUSD’s schools and what steps we need to take to make them a better place for students.

The Resource Alignment Initiative has five components because none of them alone will help us reach our goals:

5 RAI Focus Areas
RAI Focus Areas (text-based version of this graphic)

Guiding Principles

Superintendent Wayne has laid out four guiding principles for the RAI recommendations that will be developed this year.:

  1. Money will follow students. Schools should have predictable services that all students receive based on student enrollment.
  2. SFUSD will plan to operate at scale based on student enrollment. Schools and classrooms will operate at full capacity to provide the best instruction and learning experience. 
  3. SFUSD will allocate resources to programs aligned with positive student outcomes. Improving student outcomes requires strategic abandonment. 
  4. SFUSD will approach the development of any proposed school portfolio changes with an equity lens to explicitly evaluate disproportionate racial equity impacts. This approach will be consistent with state statutes, best practices, and with an understanding of San Francisco’s history of racial segregation. 

(See here for Dr. Wayne’s August 2023 letter to the communityDistrict staff’s RAI presentation, and a video recording of the discussion)  

Resource Alignment Initiative Focus Areas

Create a New School Staffing ModelEstablish a school staffing model so that each school is staffed based on each school's enrollment and student characteristics
Reorganize the Central OfficeRestructure districtwide services to serve students and sites more effectively and efficiently
Explore Generating Revenue from PropertiesExplore opportunities to leverage the district's property to generate more value for district students
Invest in Priority Districtwide ProgramsPrioritize resourcing programs at schools that have demonstrated success toward positive student outcomes
Create a New School Portfolio

Recommend changes to SFUSD’s school portfolio to concentrate and equitably distribute resources for strong and supportive learning environments.

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