Francis L. Balduc

Francis L. Balduc

Francis "Frank" L. Balduc was a member of the Spring Class of 1943 at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco.

He was born on July 25, 1922, to Frank Joseph and Wilhelmena (Handel) Balduc at Hibbing, Minnesota. His father was born in Minnesota on August 30, 1901, and died on October 16, 1968, in Oakland, California, while his mother was born in California in 1902. There are no records of her death in California.

Two daughters were born to this marriage in Lodi, California: Annette Jean, born on August 25, 1926, and Phylis Yvonne, born on October 28, 1927.

Annette Jean's picture appeared in the Abraham Lincoln High School Round up of 1942-43 on Page 46 as a member of the H11 class and Registry 101, while Phylis Yvonne's picture was included in the same publication on Page 49 as a member of the H10 class and Registry 124. Neither of the girls graduated from Lincoln.

Frank attended Abraham Lincoln High School, but he withdrew from school before graduating to enlist in the Army Air Corps.

The Abraham Lincoln Roundup of 1943-1944 included a section denoting alumni who were in the armed services. An entry indicated that a Frank Balduc was in the Navy. However, this was in error.

Research of the State Summaries of Navy War Casualties, for all states did not record the death of a Frank Balduc. However, the World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from California notes that Francis L. Balduc was a private and had died of a non-battle cause.

 A review of the World War II San Francisco Honor Roll showed that Frank J Balduc had written a letter indicating that his son Francis was a private in the U. S. Army Air Corps and was killed in action.

The records of the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California, indicated that he had been a member of the 19th Army Air Force Bomb Group.

He died on May 22, 1944, and was interred in the USAAF Cemetery NO. 2, Manilla, Philippine Islands.

His remains were disinterred in 1949 and returned to the United States, where he was reinterred on July 12, 1949, in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California, in Section N. Grave #2064.