Richard Oxborough

Richard Oxborough

Richard Colin Oxborough was a member of the Spring Class of 1948 at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco.

        He was born on February 14, 1930, to George Edward and Agnes Ellen (Clark) Oxborough in Belmont, California. His father was born in London, England on November 20, 1884, and died on May 29, 1940, in San Mateo County, California. His mother was also born in London, England, on December 1, 1884, and died on December 26, 1949 in San Francisco.

        Four other children were born to this marriage: Marjorie born on June 4, 1909, in Antefagasta, Chile, and died sometime in the 1990's; George William, born on May 23, 1911, in Antefagasta, Chile, and died on December 23, 1953; Evelyn, born on January 23, 1913, in Antefagasta, Chile, died on August 8, 1963; and John R., born on October 22, 1918, in Iquiqui, Chile.

        Marjorie married James W. MacKenzie and had one son; Robert Annat. Marjorie and James had four grandchildren; Ross, Sean, Lauren, and Julia.

        George William married Alice (Koster) and had one child: George Edward. born on September 7, 1946. George William and Alice had two grandchildren: Rick and Debbie.

        The grand children of John R. and Alice Jean are Dean and an adopted grandson, Tom. William and Alice had two grandchildren: Rick and Debbie.

        Evelyn Oxborough married Darrel E. Tate, and their one son, Darrel Jeffrey. Evelyn and Darrell had two adopted grandchildren: Dean and Tom. Additional information: John R. is also dead now. Evelyn and Darrel are survived by 3 great grandchildren: Chelsea A. Tate, Connor A. Tate and Chase A. Tate.

        Richard entered Abraham Lincoln High School in 1945 and was very active in sports. He played on the Frosh-Soph Football Team and then as a member of Varsity Football Team. He lettered in football and became a member of the Block "L" Society. He graduated with the Fourteenth Commencement Class of Abraham Lincoln High School on June 16, 1948.

        The 1947-1948 Roundup states the following about Dick Oxborough: " . . . 'Ox' plans to be a bum . . . active in football . . . hates turnips and Dot R . . . women and cars are main likes."

        According to an entry in the 1948-49 San Francisco City Directory, Richard worked as a clerk for the Pacific Telephone and Telegrah Company. In August of 1950 before his deployment, he was married to Junne Ellen Dron. He enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps and was subsequently called to active duty when the Korean War started in June 1950. He was assigned to the 1st Marine Division in Korea. He was killed in action while the division was deploying along a line between Andong and Yongdok in the eastern sector of Korea on January 11, 1951. The deployment was during the Third Chinese Offensive that started in late December 1950.

        The division deployed behind the scattered Republic of Korea (ROK) divisions, which were holding the eastern end of the front line between Mokkye-Chechon-Yougwal, sometime between 8 and 9 January 1951. Richard was a crew member of a quad 50-caliber MG half-track and was killed while moving into a defensive position. The half-track hit a mine placed by North Korean peoples Army (NKPA) guerillas, which were known to have been in the area. At the time he was killed, he held the rank of corporal and was 20 years old.

        Richard Colin Oxborugh was initialy interred in Korea. His remains were disenterred and returned to the United States and reinterred on June 21, 1951, at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California, in Section O, Grave #85.