World Languages

World Languages

World language teachers posing for a photograph.


The World Language Department at Abraham Lincoln High School currently offers the following languages: Chinese, Chinese Honors, AP Chinese, Spanish, Spanish Honors, Spanish for Native Speakers, AP Spanish, Japanese, Japanese Honors, French, and French Honors.



The following courses are currently offered: Chinese 1-2; Chinese 3 Honors; AP Chinese; French 1-2; French 3 Honors; Japanese 1-2; Japanese 3 Honors, Spanish 1-2; Spanish 3 Honors; Spanish for Native Speakers; AP Spanish


OBJECTIVES (CA World Language Content Standards)

1. Communication

• Students engage in oral and written conversations.

• Students interpret written and spoken language.  

• Students present to an audience of listeners and readers. 


2. Cultures

• Students choose an appropriate response to a variety of situations.

• Students demonstrate understanding of the roles products, practices, and perspectives play in the culture.

• Students state similarities and differences within the target cultures and among students’ own cultures.

• Students state reasons for cultural borrowings. 


3. Content

• Students address topics related to the immediate and external environment.

• Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints and further their knowledge of other disciplines. 


4. Structures 

• Students identify the similarities and differences in the orthography, phonology and text structures of the languages they know. 

• Students use linguistically and grammatically appropriate structures to comprehend and produce messages.


5. Settings

• Students use languages in interpersonal (informal and formal) settings.

• Students participate in age appropriate cultural or language use opportunities outside the classroom.



Ms. Nancy Yu (Chinese)

Mr. Gong Kent Tian (Chinese)

Ms. Emma Lee (Chinese)

Mr.  Koichi  Sano  (Department Chair / Japanese)                       

Ms. Arisa Hiroi  (Japanese)

Ms. Anita Longshore  (Spanish)

Ms. Suzann Baldwin (Spanish / Spanish for Native Speakers)

Mr. Arturo Rovo (Spanish)

Ms. Mbombo Anne-Marie Kabamba  (French)

Mr. Fan Fang  (AP Chinese for Native Speakers / Chinese Immersion Content Area - Biology) 



The following courses are currently offered: 

Chinese 1-2; Chinese 3 Honors; AP Chinese; French 1-2; French 3 Honors; Japanese 1-2; Japanese 3 Honors, Spanish 1-2; Spanish 3 Honors; Spanish for Native Speakers; AP Spanish

Course Offerings

World Language 1 (First year Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/French) Grade 9-12

This is a beginning course that emphasizes the development of communication skills and awareness of the target language cultures through activities and materials designed to develop language skills. Emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the language to be used naturally and spontaneously in real life situations. 


World Language 2  (Second Year Chinese/French/Japanese/Spanish) Grade 9-12

This is a continuation and expansion of skills mastered in the first year with continued emphasis on all language skills. Students are encouraged to create with the language using everyday routines, common events, and narrations of past and future actions. 

Prerequisites: World Language 1 with grade of D or higher, or recommendation by teacher.


World Language 3 (Third Year Chinese/French/Japanese/Spanish) Grade 10-12

This course reviews previously learned materials and introduces more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures to further develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students comprehend and produce oral and written sentences and paragraphs dealing with topics related to self, the immediate environment, survival and courtesy in some informal and transactional settings.           

Prerequisites: World Language 2 with grade of D or higher, or recommendation by teacher.


World Language 3 for Spanish Native Speakers Grade 9-12

These courses permit students to enhance the existing language skills in their first language. The E courses focus on all areas of language development with emphasis on reading and writing skills and feature a significant study of culture, literature, and business language and reading. 

Prerequisites: Passage of placement test and recommendation by teacher.            


Honors Courses (Third year) Grade 10-12

These courses provide students with extended content and additional workload. Students engage in more challenging communicative activities and develop critical reading skills. There is a comprehensive oral and written final examination. 

Prerequisites: Previous level course with grade of A or B, and recommendation by teacher.


AP World Languages  Grade 10-12

This course follows the College Entrance Examination Board course description for advanced placement work in languages. It prepares students to take the AP examination in May. 


     1) World Language 3 or 3 Honors, or 3E with grade of A or B, and teacher recommendation, 


     2) without previous WL courses completed, passage of placement test.

Contact List

Ms. Suzann Baldwin (Spanish / Spanish for Native Speakers)

Mr. Fan Fang (AP Chinese for Native Speakers)

Ms. Arisa Hiroi (Japanese)

Ms. Mbombo Anne-Marie Kabamba (French)

Ms. Emma Lee (Chinese)

Ms. Anita Longshore (Spanish)

Ms. Eriko Matsuura (Japanese)

Mr. Arturo Rovo (Spanish)

Mr. Koichi Sano (Department Chair / Japanese)

Mr. Gong Kent Tian (Chinese)

Ms. Nancy Yu (Chinese)