What is ELAC?

English Learner Advisory Committee

What are the ELAC's Major Functions?

-The purpose of the ELAC is to advise the Principal and school staff on program and services for English Learners and the School Site Council (SSC) on the development of the Academic Plan (Single School Plan for Student Achievement). The ELAC also assists the school on other tasks listed below.
- Advise the SSC on the best use of the English Acquisition Program.

The ELAC consists of families of English Language Learners, administrators, teachers, students, and paraprofessionals. It is an advisory body to oversee the EIA/LEP Program and it's budget. The committee meets every other month. Family education/training workshops are also arranged through the  ELAC. Dinner, child care, and translation services are provided at all meetings.


The ELAC advises and assists the school principal, staff and School Site Council:

  1. The school’s program for English learners.
  2. The development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement (BSC/SPSA).
  3. The school's needs assessment.
  4. The school’s annual language census (R-30 LC Report).
  5. Efforts to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.





ELAC: Duties of the Officers and Members


Sign letters, plans, EIA/LEP budget, reports and other communications as directed by the committee. Prepare an agenda for each meeting with the ELL/Bilingual program resource teacher and be willing to preside at the meeting. Call special meetings as needed.

Vice President:

Assume the duties of the Chairperson during her/his absence. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson or by the committee.


Receive and handle all mail addressed to the ELAC. Keep a current roster of committee members including address and telephone number; keep minutes and sign-in sheets for all meetings.

It shall be the duty of all council members to:

  1. Attend all meetings.
  2. Accept positions as officers or subcommittee members when so appointed or elected unless unable to carry out the duties entailed
  3. Participate in in-service training in order to be informed and to carry out responsibilities as a member of the ELAC .
  4. Be knowledgeable of all program in the school and the needs of ELLs.

Family Participation and Presence Makes a Difference

Contact Ms. Valerie Yin-Chen or Ms. Leonor Jackson, Family Liaisons at Lincoln HS

Tel# 759-2713, ext 3135

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