Burton's Wall to Wall Academies

Collage of Burton Academies

The wall-to-wall academies structure facilities relationship building by enabling students and teachers to work collaboratively through curriculum that is engaging, contextual, and theme-based. The Academies capitalize on national networks of educators and business leaders in aiding us to fulfill the needs of local and global economies.

The Academy of Engineering seeks to develop students in a manner that is highly engaging and uses hands-on, project-based curriculum as a vehicle to promote our students' success. In doing so, students acquire the key elements and skills of creativity and teamwork essential for engineering and technology-based careers.  Students learn design strategies and principles of engineering using both computer-based modeling and building physical prototypes.

The Academy of Health Sciences provides an interdisciplinary academic program to invigorate students in their pursuit to successfully complete the coursework required for college/university matriculation. By providing students with real world experiences, our inspired student leaders perform a vital role to the health care industry. Students intern at area hospitals and learn life saving techniques, and medical terminology. 

Academy of Arts, Media, and Entertainment students are inquisitive and collaborative learners who apply their skills to serve local and global communities and become critical consumers and producers of technology and media. Students create video and digital media using technology and computer programming.  We partner with KALW for radio broadcasting and Dolby Labs for storytelling and pitching, and exploring various careers within the entertainment industry.

The Academy of Performing Arts' mission is to enrich students’ lives through the study and performance of music. Through ensemble-based learning, APA students refine real-world skills, such as critical listening, creativity, discipline, leadership, respect, and collaboration with others. The unique experience of ensemble-based learning fosters a close-knit community of artistically and musically literate citizens. Ultimately, our aim is to provide each student with a solid foundation in music, therefore providing tools and competencies for success across virtually all fields and career paths.

For more information, please see our Academy Brochure.

This page was last updated on October 20, 2023