Wellness Center

The Wellness Center

Students need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit in order to learn successfully. The Wellness Center is there to support our students so they can make the most of their education. The Wellness Program provides care that includes health, mental health, and substance abuse counseling; parent support and linkages; student success team support; and community referrals.

The Wellness Center is located in Room 226.  

While we are working remotely you can reach Robert (The Wellness Coordinator) at the number below:

Text or call to (628) 900-2810, Monday through Friday from 9-3pm, (if this is an emergency, please call 911)


Drop-In Hours

Wellness drop-in hours are from 9:00 to 1:00 pm Tuesday and Friday, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED.

Students can drop in during the drop-in time to: talk to a Wellness staff member, request an appointment, talk to the nurse, speak to a Wellness counselor, meet the team.

The Zoom link will be posted to the Wellness Google classroom & sent via email every Monday


Contact the Team

Wellness Coordinator, Robert Francoeur in the following ways (if this is an emergency call 911):

  • Email francoeurr@sfusd.edu
  • Text or phone call to (628) 900-2810, Monday through Friday from 9-3pm) (if this is an emergency, please call 911)..
  • Schedule an appointment during office hours here  (Tues. 8-9am, Thurs. 2-3 pm). Please include your phone number and email address in the "where box" so that I can get in touch with you to set up a Zoom or phone session.
  • If you would like to make a self referral or refer someone else to Asawa SOTA’s Wellness Center, please use this SOTA Referral Form

School Nurse, Cassandra Siggins the following ways (if this is an emergency please call 911): 

  • Email sigginsc@sfusd.edu 
  • Text or phone (628) 900-0926 (Mon through Fri from 9am to 3:00pm). If this is an emergency, please call 911. 
  • Schedule office hours here. Mon and Fri 12-1pm. Thurs 2-3pm

While we cannot provide telemedicine services, we can connect you with resources including medical, dental, and sensitive services resources and provide basic health education/information. 

Community Health Outreach Worker, Hazel Arines in the following ways (if this is an emergency please call 911):

  • Email arinesh@sfusd.edu
  • Text or phone call to Google Voice Number (628) 900-3045 (Mon-Fri from 9am-3pm)
  • Schedule office hours here (Weds from 8am-9am/Friday from 2pm-3-pm)

You can contact the Community Health Outreach Worker if you have any questions or concerns about internships, jobs, support/empowerment group, support in health/wellbeing/distance learning and Community Based Organizations.


Wellness Center Services Update

Wellness Services


  • SFUSD Updates (Including free meals for students): www.sfusd.edu/covid19  

  • Child Crisis: 415-970-3800

  • Safe & Sound 24 Hour Parent Talk Line: 415-441-5437

  • 24/7 Crisis Text Line: Text MYLIFE to 741-741

  • Trevor Project Hotline: 866-488-7386

  • Huckleberry House, 24 Hour Teen Crisis Hotline: 415-621-2929

  • Mental Health, Food Pantry, and Medical Resources http://www.freeprintshop.org/