Special Education Services

Special Education

"All students learn in unique ways. Neurodiversity should be celebrated and the special education department at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts takes pride in ensuring every student receives the support they need to be successful.  Our special education model at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts includes both full-inclusion and a special day class depending on the need of the individual student. Placement is determined by members of the IEP team. In our full-inclusion model, students with individual education plans (IEP's) are in general education classes and receive support from a special education case manager. Case managers co-teach with general education teachers and also have study skills classes. In our special day class model, students learn numerous subjects in a classroom setting outside of the general education classroom. In this model, hands-on learning, creativity, and individual student goals are at the forefront."

Special Education SDC Classes

  • SDC American Democracy
  • SDC Economics
  • SDC English
  • SDC Math
  • SDC Modern World History
  • SDC Science
  • SDC US History

Special Day Classes have modified curriculum, but follow the content standards for California Public Schools. 

This page was last updated on September 19, 2023