Technical Theater

Technical Theater - Stagecraft + Costumes

The Technical Theater Department offers project based, student-centered learning, in two distinct strands, Stagecraft and Costume + Fashion Design.  Both programs are supported by artists-in-residence and theater professionals and offer distinct curriculum.

  • Stagecraft includes: scene design, construction, and painting, theatrical lighting design and application, sound design, mixing, and application, prop design and fabrication, shop safety, theater terminology, drawing and sketching for design rendering, color theory and painting technique, technical lettering for design presentation, historical research skills, portfolio building and review, professional Internships, and time and project management.
  • Costume + Fashion Design includes: costume design and construction, pattern making, hair and makeup design, basic drawing and sketching, color theory and painting technique, historical research skills, professional Internships, time and project management.

The Technical Theater Department supports the technical needs of performances and events produced during the academic year. Tech students collaborate with the other arts departments on more than 50 productions. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their skills in all aspects of theatrical production in a creative and unique learning environment. 

Stagecraft Audition Video

Costume & Fashion Design Audition Video

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