Student Absence/Permit to Leave

Parent/Guardian Approval Required

Student Absence - Not Attending School - When students return to school after an absence they will bring a note (from a parent/guardian) to the attendance office, with the following information:

  • Student (full) Name
  • Date(s) student was absent
  • Reason for the absence
  • Parent/Guardian name
  • Parent/Guardian phone number

Permit to Leave - Leaving School Early - If a student leaves school early for any reason they need a note from a parent/guardian excusing them.  Students bring a note to the main office the day they are leaving early and receive a Permit to Leave.  Notes should include:

  • Student (full) Name
  • Date and time the student needs to leave
  • Reason the student is leaving
  • Parent/Guardian name
  • Parent/Guardian phone number


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Student Government

Asawa SOTA Student Government promotes leadership, event planning, fundraising, school outreach. Students develop communication and collaboration skills which enable them to affect change or accomplish goals through group processes. Student Government meets every Tuesday, during lunch, in room 223.

For questions, election/interview information, or sponsored events contact Student Government Advisor, Ms. Park.

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