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Who is Mr. De Ocampo?

About Me

I, Mr. De Ocampo, am currently teaching four classes of 6th grade math and one class of Acceleration elective.

I have a lot of educational experience. I have been a 6th grade mathematics teacher at Visitacion Valley Middle School since August 2008. My previous educational experiences include volunteering in emergent bilingual and mathematics classrooms at Francisco Middle School and in a 5th grade classroom at Bessie Carmichael Elementary School. I have served in various educational, case-managing, and mentorship positions at an after school and summer program primarily serving Filipino and other low-income K-HS students in the South of Market Area of San Francisco since 2004.

I am a proud product of San Francisco schools. I was a student of several schools in the San Francisco Unified School District, including Lowell High School, Potrero Hill Middle School, Bessie Carmichael Elementary School, Starr King Elementary School, and Filipino Education Center. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at San Francisco State University in 2005.

When can students get extra help with math?

Starting on October 4, 2023, Mr. De Ocampo will try to offer help before school and/or after school, if he is healthy enough.   Please wait until October 4 to find out when he will be available.

Math support graphic with list of days and times in Room 203

What is Math Acceleration class?

"The SFUSD Math Acceleration Course is designed to give students the time and support they need to develop the mathematical practices and habits of mind that build their identity as math learners."

For more information, please read this information sheet:

What will my students learn in math class?

Fall Semester Spring Semester

Unit 0:  Norms and Group work

Unit 1: Rational Numbers and Absolute Value

Unit 2: Fractions and Decimals

Unit 3: Ratios

Unit 4: Expressions (algebraic and numerical)

Unit 4: Expressions (algebraic and numerical)

Unit 5:  Equations (including algebraic)

Unit 6: Rates

Unit 7: Distributions and Variability

Unit 8: Surface Area and Volume

What does it mean to use the core curriculum? (

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