The Shared Schoolyard Program is preparing for this 2023 Summer Season

We are working hard to increase public space for San Francisco families to get out into the community on weekends in this post-pandemic recovery time. To help facilitate this Summer Together Programs initiative, we ask all available school sites to participate in the Shared Schoolyard Program. SSYP has two-fold participation options. The first option is opening the schoolyard gates for public use, and the second option is to provide a variety of programs to the City residents free of charge. Below please find a list of the Program benefits.

For any school interested in partnering with the Shared Schoolyard Program, please send an email to or program manager

Schoolyard Funds

The Shared Schoolyard Program is committed to improving the schoolyards for participating sites. In addition, the Program can assist with sports equipment and outdoor activities supplies. 

SSYP would support site monitoring and green site support for schools whose yards have just been improved over school breaks. In addition, the Program allocates funds to assist with plant watering, yard washing, and cleaning. Please email your request to the mail email at 

School Activities Funds

This year we are excited to make a significant push to support schools to avail their yards to communities on weekends with grants.

Please complete this application and complete an SFUSD Facilities Use Permit Application to apply for funds. The Form can be found on the SFUSD website under “Doing business with SFUSD” and “Using and Renting SFUSD Facilities.”

Programing Funds

SSYP is committed to opening schoolyards for children and their families on weekends, with the intent to enhance the safe outdoor experience for both the school and the surrounding neighborhood. 

SSYP offers portable restrooms and handwashing stations for day use. In addition, SSYP offers Schoolyard Docents hired and trained by SFUSD to enforce social distance as needed lightly.  

Any CBO or Non-profit organization interested in providing programs or services on weekends is welcome to apply by filling out this application. 


Garbage, Graffiti, or Damage

Any damage to the school or yard, graffiti, or garbage left behind after Shared Schoolyard Project hours and use is covered by the program. Currently, we have custodial closing gates and cleaning up at the end of the day. Should an incident occur, please complete this form and allow at least one business day for the program team to respond. Our goal is to return the schoolyard on Monday morning in the condition it was left on Friday afternoon.

Program contacts:

For more information on the Shared Schoolyard Program, contact us at or directly connect with the Program Manager - Yelena Miakinina at

This page was last updated on September 25, 2023