Shared Schoolyard Program

SSYP Engagement Work

Before COVID, over 50 SFUSD schools were enrolled in SSYP, with plans to expand as many yards as possible. Under the Facilities Department in SFUSD, the intent was to add 1,651,352 square feet or nearly 38 acres of additional open space for San Francisco people to use and enjoy every weekend. 

Since the March 2020 Shelter in Place Order, we paused expansion. However, we continued to offer outdoor space for the community to play on weekends by opening the majority of the participating schools. In addition to opening our yards, we created the 2.0 initiative by activating 12 schools with programming and site monitors in the City's most impacted areas. This 2.0 initiative offered more amenities than the previous program, such as porta-potties, handwashing stations, docent site monitoring, and a combination of structured CBO youth programming and informal play.

Since the last year, the program has gone through a lot of significant changes: 

  • The Program Operations have been moved into the Custodial Department to streamline gate opening, schoolyard cleaning, and support. 
  • The program has initiated new communication and reporting tools through program analysis and updated program protocols.
  • The program is partnering with different organizations to provide free programs to the public. For more information, review the programming page

Please review Winter Break Shared Schoolyards Schedule!

The Schoolyards opened on weekend.

We are opening thousands of acres of safe play areas for our children, families, and residents of San Francisco to gather and play. This partnership will bring our communities closer together while joining all of our efforts to raise strong and healthy children. We appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping our shared schoolyard CLEAN and SAFE for the benefit of the entire community.  Please review the tables below for each site to confirm operational hours and entrance instructions.

Neighborhood- Bayview

Name Address Entrance instructions
Bret Harte EC 1035 Gilman Ave Use gate on Gilman
Avenue. It leads directly to the school-yard via a small ramp
Dr. George Washington Carver ES 1360 Oakdale Avenue 3 gates on the right side of the school leading to the larger schoolyards in the back of the school
Malcolm X Academy EC 350 Harbor Road Harbor Road Gate
Willie L. Brown Jr. MS 2055 Silver Avenue Gate on Silver Ave

Neighborhood- Portola

Name Address Entrance instructions
E.R. Taylor EC 423 Burrows Street Gate is on Beacon St
Visitacion Valley ES 55 Schwerin Street Gate on Visitacion Ave
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic MS 350 Girard Street Gate is on Beacon St
Visitacion Valley MS 1971 Visitacion Ave  

Neighborhood- Castro and Ingleside

Neighborhood Name Address Entrance instructions
- Castro Alvarado ES 625 Douglass Street Small pedestrian gate with steps on Eureka St. 
- Castro McKinley ES 1025 14th Street Gate om Castro st.
- Castro James Lick MS 1220 Noe Street  
- Ingleside Cleveland Es 455 Athens Street Gate on Moscow st
- Ingleside Monroe ES 260 Madrid Street Small pedestrian gates on Excelsior St and Lisbon St
- Ingleside Sunnyside ES 250 Forester Street Pedestrian gate on Hearst Ave
- Ingleside James Denman MS 241 Oneida Avenue Gate on 26th St.
- Ingleside San Francisco Community ES 125 Excelsior Avenue Upper yard on Francisco St.

Neighborhood- Mission and Potrero Hill

Neighborhood Name Address Entrance instructions
- Mission District Paul Revere ES 555 Tompkins Avenue Gate is on Bank St.
- Portrero Hill Daniel Webster ES 465 Missouri Street Gates on Mission st.

Neighborhood- Hight, St Francis Wood, Cow Hollow, Twin Peaks

Neighborhood Name Address Entrance instructions
- Height District Grattan ES 165 Grattan Street Schrader gate to the upper yard and the kindergarden yard gate on Grattan. 
- Height District John Muir ES 380 Webster Street Gate on Page st. 
- St Francis Wood Commodore Sloat ES 50 Darien Way Pedestrian gate on Fernando Way 
- St Francis Wood Miraloma ES 175 Omar Way Gate on Omar St.
- St Francis Wood West Portal ES 5 Lenox Way Gate on Claremont Blvd.
- St Francis Wood Aptos MS 105 Aptos Avenue Gates on Aptos Park.
- Cow Hollow Sherman  ES 1651 Union Street Back gate on Green St
- Twin Peaks Glen Park ES 151 Lippard Avenue Gate on Brompton St nearest to Bosworth St
- Twin Peaks Mission Education Center EC 1670 Noe Street Gate on 30th Street

Neighborhood- Nob Hill, Richmond, Outer Richmond, Outer Sunset, North Beach

Neighborhood Name Address Entrance instructions
- Nob Hill Redding EC 1421 Pine Street Use gate on Frank Norris st. 
- North beach Francisco MS 2190 Powell Street  
- Outter Richmond Alamo ES 250 23rd Ave  
- Outter Richmond Argonne ES 680 18th Avenue White gate on 17th Ave only. 
- Outter Sunset Herbert Hoover MS 2290 14th Avenue Gate across from 2231 14th Ave
- Pacific Heights Dr. William L. Cobb EC 2725 California Street Gate on California St.
- Pacific Heights Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High HS 40 Vega Street Use gates on Nido and Vega st. 
- Richmond District Sutro ES 235 12th Avenue Gate on Funston Ave.
- Richmond District Roosevelt MS 460 Arguello Boulevard Saturday only. Only one gate on Palm Ave.


The Shared Schoolyards are open: Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

The Shared Schoolyard Program is preparing for this 2021 Summer Together Programs initiative and school year 2021-2022.

We are working hard to increase public space for San Francisco families to get out into the community on weekends in this post-pandemic recovery time.  To help facilitate this Summer Together Programs initiative, we are asking all available school sites to participate in the Shared Schoolyard Program. SSYP has two-fold participation options. The first option is opening the schoolyard gates for public use, and the second option is to provide a variety of programs to the City residents free of charge.  Below please find a list of the Program benefits.

For any school interested in partnering with the Shared Schoolyard Program, please send an email to, or to program manager

Schoolyard Funds

The Shared Schoolyard Program is committed to improving the schoolyards for participating sites. The Program can assist with sports equipment and outdoor activities supplies. 

For those schools, whose yards have just been improved, SSYP would support site monitoring and green site support over school breaks. The Program allocates funds to assist with plant watering, yard wash, and cleaning.

School Activities Funds

This year we are excited to make a significant push to support schools to avail their yards to communities on weekends with grants.

Please complete this application and complete an SFUSD Facilities Use Permit Application to apply for funds. The Form can be found on the SFUSD website under “Doing business with SFUSD” and “Using and Renting SFUSD Facilities.”

Programing Funds

SSYP is committed to opening schoolyards for children and their families on weekends, with the intent to enhance the safe outdoor experience for both the school and surrounding neighborhood. 

SSYP offers portable restrooms and handwashing stations for day use. SSYP offers Schoolyard Docents hired and trained by SFUSD, to lightly enforce social distance as needed.  

Any CBO or Non-profit organization interested in providing programs or services on weekends are welcome to apply by filling out this application. 


Garbage, Graffiti, or Damage

Any damage to the school or yard, graffiti, or garbage left behind after Shared Schoolyard Project hours and use is covered by the program. Currently, we have custodial closing gates and cleaning up at the end of the day. Should an incident occur, please complete this form and allow at least one business day for the program team to respond. Our goal is to return the schoolyard on Monday morning in the condition it was left on Friday afternoon.

Program contacts:

For more information on the Shared Schoolyard Program, contact us at or call Program Manager - Yelena Miakinina 415-308-6596,