Shared Schoolyard Project

Kids on a playground

Shared Schoolyard Project

Welcome to the Shared Schoolyard Project Community Initiative, a joint partnership between the City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Unified School District and Community Partners. We are opening thousands of acres of safe play areas for our children, families and residents of San Francisco to gather and play. This partnership will bring our communities closer together while joining all of our efforts to raise strong and healthy children.

Program pivots due to COVID-19

It is more important than ever to provide our children and communities with access to safe and welcoming outdoor spaces to play and recreate. That is why we have safely reopened all participating schoolyards on July 4th, 2020 and launched the Shared Schoolyard 2.0 Initiative.

Shared Schoolyard 2.0 launch

The Shared Schoolyard 2.0 Initiative seeks to enhance the experience of the Shared Schoolyard Project for both the schools and surrounding communities. The new program, is being hosted at 12 sites this Fall, and offers:

  • FREE and COVID-SAFE youth programming (i.e. soccer, biking, etc.)
  • Portable restrooms and handwashing stations for day-use
  • A Schoolyard Docent hired and trained by SFUSD to lightly enforce social distancing and promote safe use of the schoolyard
  • Routine landscaping and custodial maintenance to improve appearance and usability of the yard. 

Shared Schoolyard 2.0 Initiative - ON HOLD

The Shared Schoolyard 2.0 Initiative was a 5 month pilot project conducted by SFUSD in partnership with four community based organizations with the intention of activating schoolyards in population-dense areas of the city that lack access to open space. We are pleased with the success of the program in that it enrolled 546 students in FREE youth programming across 13 schools, and offered over 2,000 outdoor experiences to students during the pandemic. We are taking this time to pause the program and assess how to best scale the 2.0 Initiative to all participating Shared Schoolyards in the near future. 

Although the 2.0 Youth Programming has been put on pause, the 12 participating 2.0 sites are still open to the community 9am-4pm every Saturday and Sunday. 

See details on programming.

School Programming Available
Alvarado Elementary Temporarily Paused
Cleveland Elementary Temporarily Paused
Daniel Webster Elementary Temporarily Paused
Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary Temporarily Paused
Francisco Middle Temporarily Paused
John Muir Elementary Temporarily Paused
Malcolm X Academy Temporarily Paused
Monroe Elementary Temporarily Paused
Redding Elementary Temporarily Paused
SF Community School K-8 Temporarily Paused
Sunnyside Elementary Temporarily Paused
Willie Brown Jr. Middle Temporarily Paused


Shared Schoolyards are open from 9:00am to 4:00pm.