District Resource Alignment Plan


During the 2023-24 school year, SFUSD staff will propose plans to ensure that we can attract and retain qualified and caring educators and staff, provide safe and welcoming learning environments for our students, and deliver programs and services that can help our students be successful and thriveThese proposals will align the district's resources and operations with its adopted Vision, Values, Goals, and GuardrailsSFUSD is committed to ensuring that our communities’ voices are honored and respected in the process.

Community Survey: Developing an SFUSD Schooling Model for 2024-25

SFUSD is collecting input from school district staff, families, and community members as we consider updates to the District's method of funding school staff and services. Please complete the brief survey and share this link to encourage others in your school community to provide their feedback.


Here is the link; it will be open until Friday, December 1st. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen at the Aug. 29, 2023 Board of Education special meeting?

Superintendent Wayne will present and discuss the District’s Resource Alignment Plan to ensure that we are able to address the impact of declining enrollment and to develop bold proposals so that SFUSD is being responsible stewards of public funds.

Superintendent Wayne will also ask the Board for authorization to convene a District Advisory Committee to deliberate and provide public feedback on the proposals. The committee would be created after the Aug. 29 workshop.


What plans are being proposed?

In the coming months, district staff will be proposing plans to ensure that we can:

  • Establish a school staffing model so that each school is staffed based on each school's enrollment.
  • Restructure district-wide services to serve students and sites more effectively and efficiently.
  • Explore opportunities to leverage the district's property to generate more value for district students.
  • Prioritize resourcing programs that have demonstrated success toward positive student outcomes.
  • Recommend additional measures to align the district’s operations with current and projected enrollment; including criteria for potential mergers, co-locations, or closures of school sites

Will SFUSD close schools on Aug. 29?

There will be no decisions made around school closures at the Aug. 29 board meeting.

We will exhaust every possible option before pursuing school closures to address the dire realities of declining student enrollment. If that were to be the case, we will have a robust community engagement process.


What are the next steps?

By December 2023: Superintendent Wayne will present a staffing model to the Board of Education for consideration and inclusion in the 2024-25 school year budget submission.

By April 2024: Superintendent Wayne will present proposals and District Advisory Committee Feedback to the Board of Education.

By June 2024: Board of Education will vote on resource alignment proposals.


This page was last updated on November 17, 2023