What is the plan?

What is the plan?

Principal with parent and student walking down the hall

We understand that we must handle changes of this magnitude with care and transparency. That’s why we are dedicated to a transparent decision-making process, including input from students, educators, families, and the community to ensure our schools reflect your values. 

Our paramount goal is to ensure that these changes do not unfairly burden specific communities more than others, upholding our commitment to equity.

Under the direction of Superintendent Wayne, the Resource Alignment Initiative is underway and will continue through school year 2025-26. Each of the five focus areas is being led by senior SFUSD leaders, with a mandate to work cross-functionally to coordinate all RAI efforts. (See the FAQ for details of each focus area.)

Adhering to SFUSD’s Guardrail One around Effective Decision-Making, the district has outlined numerous ways the community will be involved (access What Is Informing Our Strategy for Community Engagement?).

Stanford University researchers will conduct a thorough third-party equity audit throughout the community engagement process to ensure no community or student group is unfairly burdened more than others by our resource alignment decisions. 

This page was last updated on May 1, 2024