High School Counseling Manual

2018-2021 High School Manual

Section 1: Framework and Resources for the Professional School Counselor

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  • SFUSD Job Descriptions
  • American School Counselor Association (ASCA)
  • Office of Counseling and Post-Secondary Success
  • Helpful Resources for Counselors
  • SFUSD Vision 2025
  • Online Resources

Section 2A: San Francisco Board of Education Policy and Administrative Regulations

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  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • Mathematics
  • Independent Study
  • Physical Education
  • Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement

Section 2B: Graduation Requirements - Guidelines for Practical Implementation

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  • Overview Information
  • Plan 1: All Students
  • Plan 2: Foreign-born Students Ages 15 or Older
  • Plan 3:
    • Foster, Probation Involved, Homeless/Transitional Youth, Children of a Military Family, or Migrant Students Who Transfer Between Schools After 2 Years of High School
    • Newly Arrived Immigrants Participating in a Newcomer Program and In their Third or Fourth Year of High School
    • Student with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
  • Additional Forms
  • Links to Forms and Resources

Section 2C: Transcript Procedures - Editing and Entering Coursework and Issuing Transcripts

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  • Overview and Issuing Transcripts
  • Editing Course History/Transcript
  • Evaluating Transcripts and Inputting Coursework
  • Final Transcript Request Process

Section 2D: Synergy

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  • Gradebook for all
  • Miscellaneous
  • Documenting Waivers in Student Course History
  • Conference and Discipline Procedures
  • Reports
  • 12th Grade Graduation Status (end of year process)
  • Summer School Enrollment
  • Attendance Synopsis
  • Health Synopsis (view only)

Section 2E: High School Credit Recovery, Early College (CCSF HS Programs), and Non-SFUSD Coursework

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  • Extended Learning and Support (HS Credit Recovery and Edgenuity)
  • Early College (CCSF HS Programs)
  • Non-SFUSD Coursework Procedures (do not use for CCSF coursework)

Section 2F: Off-track for Graduation, Low Credit Referrals, and Alternative Schools Information

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  • Students Off-track for Graduation
  • Voluntary Low Credit Transfers
  • Alternative High Schools Information

Section 3A: SFUSD Departments - Student Learning Supports and Curriculum Design and Improvement (Formally College and Career Readiness)

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Section 3B: College and Career Exploration

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  • Career Exploration Resources
  • College Exploration Resources
  • CSU Resources
  • UC Resources
  • Independent College Resources
  • CCSF Resources

Section 3C: Admissions and Testing

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  • Admissions and Testing General
  • CSU Resources
  • UC Resources
  • CCSF Resources

Section 3D: Financial Aid and Scholarships

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  • Financial Aid
    • How Much Does College Cost
    • On Track Guide Checklist (College Planning)
    • 10 Things about the Cal Grant
    • 10 Things about the Middle Class Scholarship
    • Cal Grant Income Ceilings Chart
    • CCSF Free City
    • What's an FSA ID
    • College Board 4 year Fin Aid Checklist
    • SFSU Fin Aid Checklist
    • Federal Student Aid At A Glance
    • Financial Aid Web Resources
  • Scholarship Resources
    • Scholarship Search Tips
    • Scholarship Tracker Template
    • SFSU Scholarship List

Section 3E: AB 540/Undocumented Students

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  • Glossary of Terms
  • Supporting Undocumented Students
  • Responding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Inquiries at School
  • Sanctuary City/Legal Supports
  • Residency for Tuition Purposes at Public Colleges and Universities
  • Local AB 540/Undocumented/DACAmented College Supports
  • Additional Resources and Links

Section 4: Social Emotional Counseling (Special Populations and Student Support Services)

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  • Counseling Resources and Programs
  • SFCSD Related Programs and Collaborations
  • Special Education and 504 Plan
  • Pupil Services

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