Support for Seniors in the College Application Process


Application deadlines are coming up for the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and private colleges and universities. Students and families are encouraged to contact their school counselor with questions.


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SFUSD continues to be committed to college enrollment for 12th grade seniors during distance learning. Not being able to drop into the College Center or work on their college applications with an advisor sitting next to them has been very challenging; however high school counselors, college ambassadors and community Partners have been working collaboratively and innovatively to continue their support. Every high school has been using multiple ways to engage students. Some of these include information sent through Google Classroom, personal emails, text, phone calls, collaborative workshops, and open office hours. Counselors have dropped into senior classes to make college presentations and hosted weekly afterschool or lunchtime workshops. Schools have resource libraries and step-by-step videos that have been shared with seniors. Schools with Senior Seminar classes have used this class period to have seniors complete their college applications, write their personal insight questions, and complete their financial aid applications with 1:1 support from their teacher, high school counselors, college ambassadors, and community partners. 

Family support for young people is very important during this time. Adults can subscribe to their school’s bulletins and follow any social media sponsored by the school (Instagram, Facebook, etc). The bulletins have information about college, financial aid workshops and related events. Making sure adults are signed up for ParentVue is also crucial for email and text communications. In addition, many schools across SFUSD have a College Center where college counselors can support students and families in the financial aid and college application processes. Many young people are questioning the value of enrolling in college during these uncertain times. Research shows that people with college degrees have more job opportunities and unemployment rates for them, even during the pandemic, are far less than those without one. 

Applications to the University of California (UC) are due November 30th and December 4th for California State University (CSU). Applications for private colleges or universities are due on a school-by-school deadline and are primarily submitted through the Common Application (Common App). Counselors, teachers and community organizations are actively reaching out to students to help with these applications. Following the approaching deadlines for UC and CSU applications, students will get help with applications to private universities and community colleges. Also, many school sites have developed partnership relationships with community organizations.

Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you have any questions or email for more information.