December Menus for School Meals

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Menus for December 2021 are now posted online!

Please note menus are subject to change due to product availability. Each school has a unique set of menus. To find your school's menu, please visit

  • Select grade level
  • Find your school folder
  • Open the Google Document file for the menu you would like to see. Scroll down to see multiple months.
  • This is a live document that will update monthly.

Need a translated menu?

  • Follow the steps above to find your school’s menu.
  • Click File and "Make a copy". You now own this file for that month and specific menu.
  • Go to Tools and select "Translate document" to select the language you need.
  • This uses Google’s translate function to translate the menu chart.

Want to know more about the nutritional content of school meals?